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I’m an artist that likes to have my supplies around me, it inspires me, when I’m working on something I like to be able to simply reach out and grab whatever it is I’m looking for, or think I want. I’m focused on the project at hand, nothing else. During one of my outings the other day I heard a grumble and turned to see a dragon in distress. It had been put on a shelf with Halloween decorations and wasn’t happy being sandwiched between a bat and a rat that were one could easily see, not of his “vintage”

Seeing his distress and displeasure I walked over and took a closure look at him. His claws had been broken off and his tail was missing some of his scales, otherwise he grumbled he was fine and was having difficulty accepting his fate at having been cast aside.

Yes I agreed, I could understand his frustration at being replaced, and being cast aside, but I did explain, his previous owners had not not just tossed him out, they brought him to a place where he could possibly find another home. I pointed out his grumpy attitude certainly wouldn’t endear him to another possible owner.

Clever dragon gave me a shrewd look….” since YOU heard my complaining, and you’ve come over to see what I’m all about, don’t YOU think you should save me from this fate… after all… you know how and can?” Hmm good question, and it was true… of all the people who were around, I was the only one who was paying attention to him. It was the end of August, not too many people were searching out decorations for Halloween, besides he had likely been in someone’s garden, looks like he had been a water feature.

Yes, he came home with me. Now he is fixed up ready to be outside again where he can enjoy the visiting birds and wildlife that frequent the yard.

We all grow old, we all change with the passing seasons, and friends/family fall away, people go on with their lives, and we are left to cope with ours. Dragon felt rejection, I hope in tending to his wounds, listening to him, he will enjoy the next phase of his existence and return to his positive self… After all, as he pointed out.. dragons have feelings too.

Discover each person’s unique qualities. When we approach people with respect, we can understand them better and see their special qualities.

Perfect Liberty 2022.2

Enjoy the process and savour it. The feeling you have when you’ve seen something through to the end is awesome, but the true joy lies in the actual execution of the plan.

Perfect Liberty 2017.8

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  1. πŸ™‚ Restoration!

  2. Such attention is welcome

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