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yesterday at P7 Sarsaparilla Trail

Yes I cheated and put one piece on top of the other.. it was a lovely moment in time, I was wandering around enjoying the open skies, most of the leaves had fallen in the area I was walking…. I could see the fallen soldiers (from that huge storm we had in the spring). Made for a very different landscape from what I had known in the past.

We will never again be able to return to what was… we can only move forward. The forestry personnel have been in tidying up … with the leaves down, we can now really see just how many of the older trees fell over with the strong winds. AND when looking closely, we see just how scarred and battle worn they were. Especially their bodies, how over the years/seasons they had endured a zillion strikes/blows.. they also provided shelter and shade, now they are left to simply BE. Some in pieces, and others just left bare to accept the fate that will come their way.

Today being the 21st we will celebrate the most important service of the month, we humbly express our appreciation to God/Universe for all the blessings of the past month. and sincerely ask to be guided and protected in the coming month. We renew our determination to follow and practice the Perfect Liberty teachings/philosophy… PL Precept #21- Live the PL Way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Let’s live with gratitude toward everyone and everything all day today.

Perfect Liberty 2022.21

Special service tonight at 7 pm .


Comments on: "21st. Thanksgiving /Appreciation" (2)

  1. When I look at your top photo where you placed one tree trunk piece over another, I see a bird. Was this your intention when you placed the two together? I found your blog through Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors site. Happy to have found you.

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