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frost – musing

In silence I find myself transcending the NOW of the moment

To the vibrant energy of the forest trail

I see before me the portrait of the life on each leaf – in the textures of the tree bark

I am in awe at the way the frost paints a delicate lace on the landscape that surrounds me

Each picture perfect moment is etched in my consciousness

THIS is LOVE of the rarest kind – it removes the blindfold from my eyes

I am seeing the world again … not just with my eyes

but from the heart and soul of my BEing.

Every day is a gift from God/Universe

PL Precept # 21 Live in Perfect Liberty

PL Precept # 18 EACH moment is a turning Point.

PL Precept # 7 Everything exists in relativity

-Q- 10/20/22

photo Ian Mitchell

Choices – we all have them, we encounter them every day – some we make without really thinking about them, others we give a lot of thought to. With the change of seasons, comes an opportunity to listen closely to our inner voice, and let the past drop, like the soon to be falling leaves. Once lived, it is time to let go. Learn from what was, appreciate now and move forward. Love is a powerful emotion, live with it wisely,


In life there is Yin/Yang, we cannot have one without the other. (positive/negative)

Today is Thursday, for more doors please visit Dan’s No Facilities site. https://nofacilities.com/2022/10/20/still-driving-around-pittsburgh/

Comments on: "frost – musing" (15)

  1. Beautiful. 💕👀🍂

  2. I love the frost picture and your thoughts, today. Looking through the gate gives a very interesting perspective on that door at the end.

  3. Lovely photo and thoughts! ❤️

  4. Such an interesting juxtaposition of the beauty of nature and the ruins of civilization.


  5. I can see how one would be enthralled. The plants were putting on a show for you. Nice photo of the door also.


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