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Nov 9…

Express yourself clearly so others can understand you. When you can’t communicate clearly it can lead to problems. always express yourself carefully to avoid any misunderstandings.

Perfect Liberty 2022.9

The magic of waking to another day, is realizing that there are so many possibilities, and each one will be a new beginning. I heard the other day that someone had made up a “mood board” they had collected and gathered materials to make up a poster with a collage of inspirations and aspirations. Sounds like a fun project, I am currently in a declutter “mode”, must ask if this is something they will put up somewhere or if it is like a journaling page. It is always fun and interesting to learn how others cope with mindfulness

Comments on: "Nov 9…" (7)

  1. Good advice. 😜

  2. Someone once told me that I would feel better if I stayed out of my head. I think that’s good advice too.

    • LOL. yes good advice, but I don’t know.. my head is attached to my shoulders and I’ve had a long association with it.. =^_^=,, besides we are a clever lot… if you think something, it is because you need to address it…
      sending happy vibes your way… xxxo

  3. Thanks… hadn’t quite thought of it like that. But true… I am so blessed that you are a part of my life now. I really consider you one of my earthly guides. Blessings…

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