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a walk with myself

Today I forced myself to return to Pine Grove Trail .. it has been cleared .. above is what it looked like after the storm.. below is what I explored today.

At first I confess I was filled with a sadness, my feet were reluctant, and my whole body tensed as I made my way through the gate to walk along the once familiar trail Then I began to notice the new growth that was bravely dealing with the coming of winter. The young shoots were bravely waving their fall colours.

I was reminded that in nature, there is always tomorrow, and another day. Out of the broken, devastated remains of what was, there was new growth, Strong young shoots reaching up into the clear blue sky, their leaves a riot of colour showing their pride at having attained a place in the world.

The message was loud and clear, never let a set back, deter you from your goals or purpose in life. It may not be the easiest path, but it is your path, and you are here, live it… experience all of what life sends your way… if you come face to face with it, it is because the Universe knows you can cope/deal with it.

When you let go of what was… you are blessed with new opportunities .. you face new potential … you will make new memories … and you yourself, will grow, you open the door to new possibilities.

What began as a simple walk, turned into a moment of discovery, I feel so blessed, and that you are here to share it with me, makes it a pure delight.

PL Precept # 21 Live in Perfect Liberty

Comments on: "a walk with myself" (11)

  1. Sounds like you have the perfect walking companion!

    • LOL yes.. I know when its time to shut up.. I did find some good pieces of wood to work on during the winter months.. when I’m by myself.. there is no one to tell me to hurry up or let’s go etc… is the weather good in Japan right now? I was always there during the hottest of times.. one year the air cond. was not working.. I thought I’d die. I never knew Japan had such extreme weather.

      • Beautiful weather here with temps in the high teens and low 20s (C). Autumn is my favourite time of year with clear blue skies and all the changing colours. Like you, I don’t enjoy summer and will be retreating to the UK from next year when I start my new 50/50 lifestyle, about which I’ll write some blogs!

    • 50/50 sounds interesting.. cheers

  2. Nature is constant, and an excellent mentor. ā¤

    • no matter Eliza.. being out there, sharing in the moment with the fallen and the newbies.. it is in many ways.. healing, and refreshing… xxo

  3. What a major change! Always a shock, but it is good to realize that change is the constant thing.

    • I have had a rather insightful week or so… I’m still digesting it all. Life is good .. I’m learning more and more.. that my body needs more rest than it used to.. like duh.. surprise!!!… waves good morning across the miles..

  4. A beautifully seen and presented message of resilience

    • good morning Derrick.. I hope my fascination with the wee hours relaxes a bit.. I keep trying to sleep in. LOL I guess my habit of being an early person is not going to change ..just because… did I tell you.. I’m now learning to nap.. see…. we can learn new tricks.. winks.. hugs to you both.

    • by the way.. the goats when I picked that pictures… reminded me of so many of your posts… haven’t seen you with a goat lately tho’.. ??

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