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walkin on water

When I arrived today, I was alone … there were no other cars parked along the road.. As I walked through the entry it seems so eerie, no ducks, birds, wild turkeys, not even a squirrel. There was a path, others had been by recently… I saw that animals had been walking along the shoreline… I pondered my situation, how often would I have Mud Lake to myself. I realized not often… this was a fluke. I wandered off the path to the water’s edge.. yup, it looked solid enough, there were tracks (animal/fowl). I stepped gingerly unto the frozen surface, and then slowly started to make my way towards the other end of the lake.

I took my time savoring the silence and the landscape. During any other season, this would be teeming with wildlife, and the water would be a deterrent … there would be no seeing the shoreline from this side of the lake. It was wonderful. The sky was cloudy, not the greatest for good pictures, especially with my new Pixel 7 that I still don’t know how to use properly yet. I said a small prayer of thanks, I was filled with a gratitude that was very soothing/comforting. It was so strange to be at Mud lake and not hear a cacophony of bird/duck sounds. I realized that I likey have never been there in the winter before.

Maybe about 15, 20 minutes into my “adventure” I heard footsteps and the sound of a walking pole hitting the ground as the walker made his way along the trail on the other side of where I was. We didn’t speak, I don’t even know if he realized that I was there. I had never before been on the lake, nor had I ever seen some of the shoreline I was seeing.. when walking on the trail, there are times the trail is a good distance from the shorelines… and the landscape/terrain between the trail and the shoreline is littered with fallen trees, thick shrubs and dense vegetation and rock.

I made my way to the “lookout” I think I’ve only ever been on it a couple of times .. certainly has a different feeling/air to it when you come at it from the water’s edge. It was here that I got off the frozen lake and found my way to the trail. On my way back towards the car I came across the lone walker who told me he was trying to find the wild turkeys, He hadn’t seen them since the holidays.. No sign of them at all, not even their tracks.

The only other people I met were a couple who were there to see if they could see/hear any birds. It had been strangely quiet. not even the chickadees made an appearance, it really was truly as one friend said “haunting” . I think I encountered maybe 3 squirrels on my way back to the car… big black ones.

Walking on water was a good meditation for me. It was time I needed to reflect and allow the world to wrap the solitude of nature around me, and to let me hear the natural silence of the day.

Enjoy what happens. People who can enjoy anything happening to them receive wisdom for the next step. Try to work on things without being over concerned.

Perfect liberty 2023.10

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  1. Carol Westover said:

    To just ‘BE’ in the world–not of it, but only to observe it–brings inner peace.

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