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Snow, blowing snow, high winds, visibility is not good, roads are not all cleared, the cold temperatures means that under the fresh snow is the possibility of black ice, there are hidden dangers out there.

The path to achievement is “to start with what you can do” try to find out what you an do towards challenges in your own situation. This will pave the way for achievement.

Perfect Liberty 2023.17

Today is a brand new day! What adventures will we have today!

Comments on: "17th." (2)

  1. Brrrr. ❄️ Sounds like a day to stay inside and put on a pot of soup. 🥘

  2. Carol Westover said:

    Good morning and thank you for these words. As I near the last day here in this house, I find I am ever more ready to let go of all it represents, and am looking forward to the next chapter of living. Blessings to you.

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