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Cherish this moment, this time, this day. People keep growing as time goes on. Cherish your self-expressions.

Perfect Liberty 2023.30

Thursday Doors. – enjoy an assortment of door personalities.. each has a character of it’s own.

The link to the Thursday door beature on Dan’s No Facilities site.. https://nofacilities.com/2023/03/30/doors-and-doors/

Doors- so essential, yet so totally taken for granted.

Comments on: "3.30" (11)

  1. Be that open door that draws others to you. 👀🍃

  2. Great doors and the best possible advice. I love that (abandoned?) blue door, and I’d like to stop in that cafe.

  3. Each door is an opportunity for discovery.

  4. Where’s the Wednesday’s Window forum?!😁

    • hmmm Eilene what is the Wed. window forum, now you have me curious?

      • It was a joke.😊

      • oh my . my 1st husband was a well known broadcaster/dj who had a large following up here.. and in parts of the States, he would say on air that if he wanted to know if something was funny, all he had to do was play it by me, and if I didn’t laugh, he knew it would be a winner.. I am not known for my sense of humour.. LOL… wonder why that marriage didn’t last..

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