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Life is Art

chinese lion dance

Start of a new year for those of us who follow the lunar calendar. Lots of celebrating, dancing, fireworks, colour and excitement. Do we carry the colour and enthusiasm into our new year?

I’d like to think that I do. Every day I try to bring colour of some kind into my days.  Whether it is creatively crafting, writing, problem solving, I enjoy the challenge of working something through from beginning to finish.  That said, what I want to do, and what actually happens,  hmmm let’s say, the stars don’t always align.

bee cartoon

Do I get angry, annoyed, no…   Why?   Because getting angry, stewing and simmering about something that has happened, will not remedy the situation.  PL Precept #4 – Being Annoyed Limits your Expression.   PL Precept # 5, One’s  Self is lost by being Emotional.  Let’s be clear, that doesn’t mean I never snap, or get annoyed with something or someone, I do, but I also have learned to let it go.  Once I vent, spew off the negativity, express my reaction, puff, it is like a breath of fresh air washes over me, and it’s gone.  What, may take all of a few seconds, or a minute or two at most, and its gone.


PL Precept # 17    Grasp what is Most Essential.  Believe me, I am much happier, when I am at peace with myself.  Reread that last bit if you need to, I work at being at peace with myself.  It is only when I can be at peace with myself, that I can reach out and be useful and loving to someone else.  If we live our lives being angry, then we are not going to achieve love and peace for others, because it hasn’t begun within ourselves.

PL Precept #15   All is a Mirror.

whippet,hound face

Be content, be happy, share that love and happiness with others.

We are all blessed with the gift of life, love and the tools to maintain and express this love.

Life (Living) is an art form

May sunshine bless each and every day of the year

for each and every one of you.

Dear readers, you are all so appreciated in my life,

Thank YOU

Winnie quote 2

pictures,illustrations found on social media

Gong Xi Fa Cai


Happy New Year   (Feb.19.2015)

Time to celebrate, to welcome in a brand new year. the eighth sign in the lunar calendar the Sheep/Goat year (wood) .  If you were born under this sign you usually tend towards the arts, are sensitive and talented.  Extremely creative, elegant and charming, peace-loving, easy-going, ardent, you can get along with nearly everyone,  It is said that people born in the year of the Sheep, are viewed as the most artistic and Yin/ feminine signs of the Chinese zodiac. That this is the year of the wood sheep, usually means that children born this year will be even more artistic and considerate of others.

In China the goat/sheep is seen as a harbinger of peace.  The goat/sheep is associated with harmony, creativity, peace and pleasure.

Chinese Zodiac


Goat sign


You are wished, much joy, prosperity and good health!

Namaste     –     Oyashikiri

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