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journal page 9.7.18

halloween, sept.7Will I ever grow up, probably not, there is a part of me that loves the creative fun of the October season.  The leaves start to change colour, the air in the mornings is fresh and crisp.  Makes for a happy me.  OK I confess my preference in life is to living happy.

halloween sept 7a

I know of one of you for sure, that is groaning and shaking her head as she sees this post. “it is still September ” she will moan.  But giggle and groan, Boooo Whooooo, this is a smile per page.

PL Principle 12  I will get up pleasantly in the morning.

I will never tire of saying, be happy, make that your choice, and the goal you have for every day and night.  When I play with my stickers, paints and ideas, I get right into it, it is about me, me little old me, enjoying myself.  Let us not forget the stolen hours, checking out thrift shops and crafting places for the materials, It is not about spending, it is about searching out the hidden treasure that will work (maybe) to help in your redesigning of an old book,  or putting colour down on a fresh blank canvas.

halloween sept 7 b

Norm the door opens, but once in, you are own your own to find a way out..

link to Norm’s page   

-black garlic and..


You kidding me right… nope… black garlic… it is AMAZING, says on the container YuHongYuan peeled black garlic head – ready to eat and cooking.  You have to know that I was not going to pass an opportunity to try it out.  Delicious.

Got it at the check out aisle of the local T & T Asian grocery store.  I do believe T & T has a website, you can likely find their other locations by checking the web.  You store it in a cool dry place. room temperature, avoid sunlight.  It is a product of China, imported by Uncle T foods, Richmond, BC.

Now.. please allow me to thank everyone who commented on the mixed media book cover, I’ve now finished with the one that I started the other day.  At least for now.


It was a learning experience for me. I especially liked the texture and look of the Sludge that I got from DeSerres, you can’t see the reharvested copper cinder, because when it dried, it dried clear, but you can feel the texture when you are touching the various parts of the cover where it was used.  The particles are in a professional grade gel medium.  Product is TriArt’s reharvested series.

I used two different  batches of Sludge, #29211 ( deep forest greens)  Batch 27783 is deep purples. Sludge is made from 100% recycled pigments  harvested from TriArt’s washing process.  Remember if you want to be sure the colours are going to be similar .. use the same batch number, the shades can vary from batch to batch.  Again you will find this product at DeSerres.

Crackling acquired by using Distress crackle paint, this is a Rangers product.  I used clear rock candy in this project.  IMPORTANT,  allow the medium to dry on its own.  I believe you get better results by being patient.book-cover-another-view

I’m keen to start another one, but first, I need to catch up on the cards for the church. Hearts and Flowers month will soon be here, and I need to get some special cards done for our PL  Card table.

Happy dabbling and playing.  When you do something, do it with a happy and joyful intent.  Pl Precept # 2  To live is to Express One’s self.


La vie de l’homme est une suite d’expressions du soi.

Now I lay me down to sleep

Now I lay me down to sleep – is a song /prayer that I heard as a child.  Maybe you remember it.

the following are the lyrics that I got on the web should you not remember the prayer.  It has been revised several times and there are copies on the web for your to browse should you wish to do so.  I extrapolated the following from the web dictionary. Perhaps the earliest version was written by Joseph Addison in an essay appearing in The Spectator on March 8, 1711. It says:

When I lay me down to Sleep,
I recommend my self to his care;
when I awake, I give my self up to his Direction.

A later version printed in The New England Primer goes:

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If I shall die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take. Amen.

This little prayer has been playing in my head now for a week or so.  I wonder why it only seems to address itself to the younger generation.  Perhaps it is because I have been getting my “house in order” shedding, and recycling that I feel this little prayer is one that should be for all ages.  Especially those of us who are nearing our golden years.  As I packed and filled yet another bag for the Salvation Army, I thought of this, and wanted to pass it along.  I’ve seen to many friends pass on into the “great beyond” and their “treasures” and possessions became “stuff” to be rid of by family or persons unknown depending on the situation.

We don’t like to talk about such events, but that is what life is, we come, we live, we leave.  In the “we live”part, we deal with all sorts of challenges and adventures, our collections, our memories, how many of them do we actually look at and actually “see” as the years pass by.  In cleaning up I relived a lot of fun moments (during the collection) but I also realized that a lot of what I had /have was no longer being used, admired, or even much thought of.

Its cold outside, why do I need  a dozen or so hoodies, when it comes time to wear one, I usually wear the same one or two all the time. Someone else can benefit from them, they are in good condition, warm and in a thrift shop will be very affordable.  I used to like my “Designer” labels, and would enjoy just looking at the variety in my cupboards.  I used my leather purses for decorating and staging a “look” along my walls or hanging from a door.  Now I’ve kept only a few that I “may” use at some time or another.  I’ve come to terms with the “need” I had for wanting to “possess” (comes from being a child born during the war) =^_^=

Anyway, just musing out loud.  What do you think, isn’t the above prayer a good one for each and every one of us?

PL Precept #11  Always be with God

That said, remember to live with a smile in your heart.  Pass it on!  smilePencil

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