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Thursday Doors 3.10.17

door 2 march 9.17

drums beating a steady rhythm

a deep droning chant

accompanied the talking drums

somewhere within the lush vegetation

there would be a path

leading towards the origins

of the mesmerizing communication

behind each door

is a the total sum

of what “Nature/Universe”

has in store for us

find the door

open the door

and walk through

for all you do

each passing day

if look to find the door

meant for you.



Comments on: "Thursday Doors 3.10.17" (10)

  1. It’s beautiful!!

  2. I love this! You brought your love of doors into your artistic expressions (painting and poetry!) Well done my friend! Muah’s to you from here!

  3. Nice twist on the theme this week 🙂

  4. Sorry to read about your mother. Thanks for sharing the colorful door.


  5. A lovely door painting & poem and I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Losing your mother is heartbreaking but if in pain, everyone close suffers. She will be at peace now, bless x

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