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Sunday -Fabric continued

fabric 3a

Fabric art, continued.

I was happy to learn today that the 2018 PL Calendars are here, and now available.  After perusing the pages, I can’t wait to begin the new year.  Plan ahead, if you are wanting to be able to send them to friends,   Let us know how many you would like put away for you.  Please note that the cost has been made the same all across North America.  $3.00

Day of Peace ceremony will be November 1.st. 10 a.m

Let us take today’s lesson, Express Yourself Cheerfully, as a thought to carry forward into the whole week.

Remember as we  begin a new week, that our relationships and the situations around us, reflect our own hearts and actions, like a mirror.  When we change our surroundings, it will bring about changes for us personally too.

Happy week ahead.



original art by Q (in progress)

Comments on: "Sunday -Fabric continued" (6)

  1. amplitudejoy said:

    Very beautiful fabric art Dymoon

  2. You are quite the artist!

    • awww – my husband tells me I’m the best at making messes =^_^= how you doing?

      • I’m doing good – that’s why I’ve also chosen chalk drawing lol – very little storage required and no needing to find a place to store things other than digitally, or in a notebook most times afterwards. I think that’s why I’ve strayed away from jewelry making and other stuff besides crochet. Supplies are expensive to me and to the environment and I just don’t have an outlet for the stuff I make. That’s just how it is for me. Everyone has their own way.

      • I like you chalk drawings… always different and insightful

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