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Thursday doors

missing door
a door that welcomes strangers
a door that leads to a journey
a door from yesteryear

We encounter doors every day, some we don’t even see, some we see, but have no desire to enter, and others capture our imaginations just by being there.

knock knock, who is there? It’s me with a prayer. =^_^=
where there is a door, there is always a here and beyond.

for more doors visit Norm 2.0 https://miscellaneousmusingsofamiddleagedmind.wordpress.com/2020/02/13/thursday-doors-february-13-2020/

Comments on: "Thursday doors" (12)

  1. It’s a pity that house was let go – it has such pretty lines!

  2. Novel selection of doors!

  3. I like the way you philosophise in your treatment of themed challenges

  4. Love that horn surround, and that old house. Nice finds.


  5. What a variety of doors. I like your yesteryear house 👍🏼

    • good morning.. Thank you.. smiles and waves a cheerful greeting.. that is why the door is so interesting to me.. have a great day!

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