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Thursday doors

submitted by MC

I wish I had found this one, but alas, it came to me by way of a dear friend who know of my “love” of doors and such. To all my fellow writers out there, doesn’t this just grab at your “imagination” tug at a bygone feeling that hasn’t quite disappeared from your box of “shadows”

There is something so tangible so totally “earthy” in natural product.. in this picture the wood. I can even imagine the smell of the wood in the heat of summer, and feel the cool hardness in winter. What a “wow” moment it had to have been for the photographer who captured this frame.. my thanks to the “gods” to have kept it safe all these years and to MC for sending it to me so I could share it with you all today.

Don’t hold anything back; give it your all. Always approach things with full enthusiasm and energy. Then, things will develop in a new direction.

Perfect Liberty 2018.16

Your willingness to learn will make you shine even brighter. as long as you are motivated to learn more, you will continue to progress in life.

Perfect Liberty 2020.16


for more doors, visit Norm 2.0 https://miscellaneousmusingsofamiddleagedmind.wordpress.com/category/thursday-doors/

Comments on: "Thursday doors" (17)

  1. That is quite a door!

    • Hi there. I actually thought of you when I posted it.. wondered if you would notice.. you have been chasing bridges and your wooden fence today… I thought you might like the door.. =^_^=

  2. Very interesting door! Could uses some of that cool on this hot day!

  3. That’s a great door, and the image of the snow is appreciated during this heat wave,

  4. You have great friends and that’s a fab door.

  5. I love this..inspires me to take part in this challenge again.

  6. That’s an interesting door.

  7. A haunting forlorn door

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