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not perfect, but here I am
this is what I was left with when my camera malfunctioned.

Bought a new product, supposedly it had a fantastic camera(s) etc. and having liked what i saw (end product, of other creative peeps) I dove in and made the change. Thankfully I did not divest myself of my Huawei. After a 3 hour trip to get pictures of the amazing colours, I came home, happily went to upload to PC and found that less than 2 dozen photos had actually “taken” and most were like the ones shared above. Seems I had a product with a malfunctioning camera.

You might ask, what does one do in such a situation? There is no fast and easy answer, I dealt with it. This morning I took the offending product back to the store. Accepted that the whole adventure had been stressful, and went to lie down. The two whippets of course came to keep me warm and join in the “group” hug…. I feel much better now.

There is no point dwelling on something that can’t be changed or undone. How have you been over the last couple of days? Have you enjoyed the wide variety of weather we have had thrown at us. If it clears up tomorrow I’ll go and see what is left of the amazing vivid colours we’ve had this past few weeks.

You can become more attentive with Prayer. Live your life with a prayerful mind so that you can be more attentive and make the people around you that much happier.

Perfect Liberty 2020.8


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Olinda!!!! thank you for all you do!!!! https://images.app.goo.gl/XVLWzwEmvKskGFJn7

Comments on: "acceptance" (5)

  1. How distressing! All those lovely photos you took, gone. You have my sympathy. Glad you had your pals at home to comfort you, at least. โค

    • Had my bout of whoa is me, then let it go. there will be other moments.. there always is. It is just the bother of having to undo what you did in the first place. sigh… tell me, will a horse cuddle with you? I know they can be affectionate, but… how… I think you have experience with the beauties.??

  2. What a bummer – but your response is as philosophical as ever.

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