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some days one just wants to stay home

NO, not because one is sad, or out of sorts, nor is it a bad day. It just isn’t a sparkling moment. That warm comfortable zone when you lie half asleep, semi awake….. your precious friend is nestled beside you… breathing softly still in dreamland. when you move, she shifts ever so slightly to maintain that contact.. you can see the sliver of light coming in between the gap in the curtains… It is time to get up. another day is calling.

There is always a solution. Always believe that there is a solution to any problem that comes your way, and work with conviction to solve it.

Perfect Liberty 2016.20

Take care of things as they come to your attention. When something comes to mind, it is a sign from God. Take care of whatever comes to mind right away.

Perfect Liberty 2016.8

The crows and birds await my attendance… Have a grand day everyone… Let’s all make today a success, we will start the week off with a super fab. productive and HAPPY day!

Smile and the world will smile with you!

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  1. That waking zone is hardly a moment – more like an hour these days 🙂

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