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meet Ed

can you see the darling owl? Isn’t this just the cutest picture..

Every day brings new beginnings… today was no exception. It was my pleasure to meet a wandering photographer, who came over to say hello. When he showed me this precious picture, I was thrilled when he offered to share some of his creativity with us. Thank you Ed.. (Ed Hodgins)

Tomorrow (Sunday 14th) service will be at 10 a.m. * remember tonight we move the clocks ahead one hour*

Have a “let’s do it” attitude. Even if a task is difficult, keep in mind it is given by God and accomplish it.

Perfect Liberty 2021.14


Comments on: "meet Ed" (9)

  1. Ahhh h’s so cute

  2. I’m seeing so many owl pics lately. This one is gorgeous.

    • isn’t it… I’m so pleased that he came and talked to me.. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve come back with after our trek….

  3. Msdedeng said:

    Awesome picture!

  4. Bonnie C Harnden said:

    Sweet little Eastern Screech Owl (red morph) – at least I think so

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