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Saturday 13th

red wing blackbird

Yesterday we had visitors at the feeders. I first caught sight of the red wing blackbird in the morning ..at Dewberry, they were shy, cautious.. staying well off while I refilled the feeders. I was happy to see that the female Grosbeaks that have been there .. were still there, they were patiently waiting .. since I had missed the previous day, they were keen for the sunflower seeds to put out. they didn’t waste anytime getting to the “tables”. It wasn’t long before the happy melodies of contentment was the filling the area.

They were in greater number at Mer Bleue, Kevin who was at the feeders later in the day, saw them too. Don’t know how long they will stay, the milder weather of the past week, brought them to the area. They like marshland which the bog will give them the environment they enjoy, but today the temperatures have dropped. It is around the freezing mark, and it will drop further before the day is out.

We are all wonderful in our own way. Although results are important your effort is what is truly precious.

Perfect Liberty 2021.13

Take action now rather than later. Things you notice are hints from God. Be thankful and take action immediately.

Perfect Liberty 2012.13

It is cold, but it is sunny, whatever you do .. enjoy! Stay safe and BE HAPPY!

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  1. Your friend’s blackbird photo is stunning. I saw some brilliant mountain bluebirds yesterday – spring is definitely coming!

  2. It’s nice to hear the red-winged blackbirds again, a wonderful spring harbinger!

  3. What a beautiful bird. I was up near our shared border today and oh my gosh, it’s still winter there!

    • ahhhhh dear.. you had me chortling…. you think!! wanted your warm wellies did you!! Hope you stayed warm…and its going to get colder over the next few days.. =^_^=

      • It was an interesting drive north but the sun came out by 11:00 and I was actually overdressed for the hiking part of the day. The snow there was prettier than the mud here.

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