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lazy river

I found a lazy river yesterday, and instead of staying to enjoy the discovery, I captured pictures of it, then moved on. Reminds me of when I buy a package of dusters (swifter type things) and then sit then down somewhere when I get home and forget them. Somehow I still believe if I have them here, I’ll dust in my sleep, or …………………

Yes the paved circle at the church in yesterday’s blog was for meditation and prayer. There are different versions, but this one uses the space it has efficiently. I found it thanks to a search Eartha had done for one of her projects, I visited it, but again, I didn’t use it.. I captured it, and moved on.

This is a huge lesson for me.. one I need to address. and… I will. I’m due to church this morning for Ancestors Day service at 10: a.m. I think I will drive out to the circle and use it this morning before I head to service, not in the same area, but it is in the West end so will say ta for now.. will let you know how I do.

For anyone interested … there is a Paul Anka tribute today at Frank’s in SL.. there will be two shows. One I think is around noon SL and the other 8 or 9 SL for people who live in the western time zone. I have no idea who is doing the cover, but it sounds like it could be interesting.

The past leads to Now, and Now leads to the Future. Life is an accumulation of moments. Cherish each one.

Perfect Liberty 2021. 11

The lazy river is in Russell, Ontario, there is a small park there, delightful place. If you go, don’t follow my poor example, stop and enjoy the moment. There is a cat there that I’m told is like a mascot to the place.. I think the lady told me his name is Oscar, but .. I could have misheard. sigh.. she told me that he doesn’t go near the road, he is very friendly comes for tummy rubs.. no.. not from me.. but he did come round.

Comments on: "lazy river" (5)

  1. Lovely photos. That cat is a cutie 🙂

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve heard the name Paul Anka. It brings back good memories.

    • so much for my plans to get in to hear what it was all about.. got busy and missed it.. Waves an energetic greeting your way.. happy weekend!!

  3. Beautiful pictures……

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