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peek a boo

I see you looking back at me, I was thrilled you didn’t fly away

Free yourself from being overly attached. Overthinking hinders ideas and actions.

Perfect Liberty 2021.22

I took today as a ME day … I spent the day visiting with nature, even drove out to Shirley’s Bay and the Firing Range, it had been a very long time, it was good to revisit, and reacquaint myself with places I haven’t been to in years, now I can plan to go again. Sometimes we do the same things over and over .. visit the same places.. there is just so much more to explore and discover. A big thank you to my friends who are encouraging and being supportive. Actually to each and everyone of you… you inspire me, I appreciate you.

Always and forever

Comments on: "peek a boo" (7)

  1. Hello there. That sounds like a nice day. I heard our border is opening up? Woohoo!

    • you did! ours is opening sooner, to those who have had two vaccines.. I think US is later in August… yes… Woohooo is right.. think of you .. miss your smile.. happy week-end, hope you are enjoying your classes, being productive, yet getting some R & R in…

  2. You have done well to focus on the eyes

  3. “Free yourself from being overly attached” So true it is that this activity that seems passive is actually purposeful and mindful. “Overthinking” is the demise of transactional thinking. Love always in all ways.

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