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morning walk

I still wasn’t early enough, it was a beautiful start to the day, the radio said, cooler than expected, but to me, it was heavenly. Already the kayakers were inflating their rafts, the joggers were started on their morning runs, dogs were being walked, it was busy enough. I had hoped with a long weekend coming up, people would be waiting for the week-end, no such luck. It was alright, still too early for it to be “crowded”.

There is something about being out in the early morning with the sunshine making its appearance casting shadows that play against the trees and leaves that make me want to catch it … just the right place to be can elude me, but I keep trying. I saw two birds that thrilled me, I didn’t know them, I prepared to take a picture while the two looked back at me.. and then.. it happened, one flew off, as I heard the sound of running footsteps behind me. A runner was on the path and coming up to where I was.. by the time I got the camera up to take the picture, I was looking at empty branches.

Although I scanned the skies, and tree tops during the rest of my walk, I didn’t see one other bird, not a one. heard them, but I didn’t see a feather or outline at all. What I was looking for were signs that the leaves were changing, I did catch a glimpse here and there… but alas it is still too soon.

Being attentive makes life more enjoyable. Live life paying careful attention to every detail, be it big or small. By doing so, you will be able to experience the subtle joy in things.

Perfect Liberty 2018.15

Comments on: "morning walk" (5)

  1. I like the way you caught the water sparkling beyond the cattails. Lovely!

    • Thanks Eliza… how you doing? is the weather holding out for you.. ? hope so.. we are being told it might rain tomorrow.. I’ve been landscaping, clearing out dead branches cutting down trees etc.. had to cut back the cedar.. I saved the bigger branches, I don’t know what I’ll do.. but I love working with wood, and cedar is special… not too big, 3 ” dia.. but about 2.5 foot long.. even if I just play with it, and it, maybe carve it, … winter is coming.. virtual hugs

      • Doing well, thanks, gorgeous weather today. Enjoying the magic of summer. 🙂
        I love the smell of cedar. Because it is rot-resistant, you could saw slices as name tags for plants, or little log planters. So many ideas! 🙂

  2. Beautifully pictured and described

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