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homemade soup

I had forgotten how much goes into making up a batch of homemade soup, In the crock pot what you see is the remains of two freshly cut up chicken carcasses. still raw.. they were cleaned and then put in the soup bag to cook to make the chicken stock. (salt/pepper garlic to taste) The garlic was fresh from MC’s garden.

Veggies I used, were fresh from the Asian grocery store yesterday morning. The prep time was done in stages, since I was making the chicken stock from scratch. Should ever I get foolish enough to do this again, I would use a stronger curry, I had taken the mild to be on the safe side. (green lentils and some dried soup stuff from a package, rice, beans etc.)

You can see some of the ingredients. mushroom, cauliflower, gourd, carrots garlic in several forms.. No onion and I still had a reaction when I tasted it last night. I suspect it was the coconut, since I used the whole can.. I could have made up a pretty bowl of it to show you how it serves up.. but hey! its soup. Making soup from scratch is another item I’ll put on my – Nope, done that, been there … list. Too much work, especially I live alone.. like duh…

Oh dear.. someone needs to get out and drive out to the woodlands …

LOL you ask, how often do I eat soup during the month… 0 yes that’s a zero. I will admit, it smells divine when cooking, and it does taste good.. but for me, is it worth the time and effort.. no.. But one never knows unless one gives it a try .. right! right!

Lose your attachments to money and things. Money and things don’t have value unless you actually use them. Don’t be stingy nor overly attached to your resources and utilize them to their fullest potential

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If I have learned anything is that this confirms to me, I am not domestic.. nor do such activities turn my crank. Did I tell you I had cleaners come in last week to clean… Yup.. and guess what I liked it.. think I’ll have them back =^_^=

Till soon

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  1. Hi DYmoon ! I can relate to what you describe here . I used to do stuff like that when I had someone to eat with. It’s just too much work . You can freeze it but they don’t always taste that great reheated . Cooking for one is a major challenge . Thanks for sharing about it .

  2. Homemade soup is always better than canned, IMO. Did you freeze the leftovers for fall meals?

    • LOL Eliza I’m not a soup person… I have no idea what possessed me.. I do enjoy soup from time to time.. but I’m not a person who goes looking for it.. or wants it … must say had some tonight and it was very good.. but no… freeze some yes.. but…. sends big virtual HUG

    • I don’t know that I responded.. the answer is NO… I’m not that big on soups. and I am not one for left overs… sigh I am more apt to open a can these days.. back back back.. when life was “different’.. yes I would have .. but not now…

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