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in the woods

A friend returned to the area, she obviously pulled it out of the area I had felled it in, and put it up against the tree on the other side of the feeding area. Friends are invaluable treasures!

It was my first time out on my own… I was careful, however, what did my day in was that when I got home I decided to do a wash (laundry) and had to do the stairs several times.. That gave my leg its last hurrah, it shoved back… it is now back in an upper brace, to assuage the swelling.. and I will rest and put it up to let it regain the steps it lost yesterday!!!

However the outing itself was “awesome” I loved the solitude and welcome silence of the woods as I entered. I was able to feel the freshness and smell the fallen leaves. This is my favourite time of year. The blue jay with his brilliant blue and white plumage came to the party, and sang his delight at finding the peanuts. They (the birds) didn’t reprimand, they were joyous in their acceptance of fresh seed.

Speaking of food, hmmm its breakfast time… =^_^=

Improve yourself to have a kinder heart. Do what you can to be caring and considerate to make others happy.

Perfect Liberty 2021.3

Comments on: "in the woods" (13)

  1. I am pleased you got out, but not about the stairs

  2. It’s good to hear you’re progressing, but go slow, my friend.

    • yes.. learning… are you still going to get the camera come your Black Friday? Such patience!

    • yes look..I was at a camera shop yesterday I found a point and shoot in a thrift shop and wanted to know if it was worth the $15. and of course it wasn’t.. to find replacement batteries chargers etc made it too much.. I went to two shops actually, Henry’s where I usually deal, suggested I just get an all weather one for winter. Panasonic or Nikon both make one and a very reasonable cost

      • Yes, batteries and a charger can cost a bit. I looked at the Panasonic LUMIX LX 100 II. I like it and plan to order one. If I have it shipped to our home in NH, there is no sales tax.

  3. Take it nice and easy, let your body heal, the woods will wait. 🙂

    • of course, there is just something about the quiet and solitude of stepping outside of the car and just being in nature.. no other humans around for miles.. =^_^= good morning dear friend!

  4. We do like to be impatient when it involves our mobility! My husband, with his healing pelvis is doing way too much, but it is just his way. Sitting still is too boring! Hope your leg feels better soon.

    • every day there is improvement, I have learned, stairs are going to be “take more time” but knowing I can get back out and drive and go places as long as I’m careful, helps me to practice a bit more patience. “a bit”… =^_^= ouch for your hubby… sends virtual hugs your way.

  5. lise lawrence said:

    Good morning,have a good day.

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