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You know its a good day when the snow plow is following you. =^_^= Yes, I still make the trek out to the country. Weather is not a deterrent. In fact, it makes for a new canvas and offers the opportunity of a different experience.

Today was a brilliant blue sky …. another awesome day!


Comments on: "Snow" (5)

  1. lise lawrence said:

    Montreal always have a lot of snow.have a good afternoon.

  2. Snow is beautiful, but too cold for me.

  3. Nice pics! Thanks. First time I’ve heard anyone rejoice about a snowplow following them. I guess Canadians love snow more than I first suspected (ツ)

    • LOL. I grow up with it.. its part of life here. winters are beautiful if you accept and enjoy what nature provides.. waves hello.. hope all is well with you and yours.

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