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new beginnings yes/no

Have a prayerful mind to love yourself and others. Open up your heart fully when praying to God. It will help you sort out our feelings.

Perfect Liberty 2022.31

The power came back on for me after being off for 7 full days plus. That was the beginning. Yes it was a great relief to have power back in my house. But something had changed, not only in the structure of the house, but in my “head”… my body had only aged 7 days… but the stress and anxiety of the many hours spent in a “kind of limbo” had yet to reveal itself.

Yesterday I did what I routinely do, I headed for the woodlands. I met an entomologist who is working on a research project on biting insects.. in particular yesterday he was going to tend his tents of horse and deer flies at the research station some two miles + down one of the gated areas at one of the conservation areas that I frequent.

He graciously allowed me to drive with him to the research station (he was concerned and wanted to make sure I knew I would have a long walk back) I assured him I knew the distance and had done it before. For me it meant I only had to walk back,. not the distance to get there and then back. I knew it was going to be a hot muggy day…. this area is an old road, some of it is old pavement, the rest of it is overgrown dirt road Actually all of it is overgrown, the area has a gate that is kept locked with only authorized vehicle and personnel having keys.

What I have found intersting is that a fallen tree is no longer just a damanged tree, I have walked the area for a long time now, I know the trees, when I see them hurt and injured, I “feel” it. As I walked back after being shown his project, and had a brief intro into the research he is doing, I headed back, taking my time … I don’t often walk down this far during the heavy mosquito season. He did show me what he uses to ward off the little critters, he lathered the product liberally all over his neck face and head. They were in great abundance out in that field… My “Off” worked for me, but I was covered from head to toe, long sleeves, long pants, hood/ hat, gloves… as I walked the sun smiled down on me… letting the full force of the heat/humidity add to my ambiance.

No skeetos bothered me, even when the discomfort of the heat finally got to me and I took off the gloves, then the hood, then the hat.. thankfully a playful breeze dropped by to give me a bit of a break. It was draining. there were birds cheering me along, I even saw a hawk, he swooped by across my path, startled me.. he appeared out of nowhere and then vanished just as quickly.

I have a lot of angst to sort through. My thoughts/feelings are jumbled and I am bordering* on being exhausted. My wonderful long time friend who helped keep the generator going during the power .. outage.. when we talked last night.. said he too was feeling the “imbalance” in his life. He didn’t loose power … but spent his time driving back and forth to my place trying to keep my fridge cold to save my insulin. The generator we had was old and sounded loud, it was loud… how he sat working it for days on end it beyond me.. he was a real trouper.

He had to manouver past the fallen trees, accidents, (traffic lights were out in so many places) plus he had his family to worry about, (they had come in contact with covid) No one really got to sail through this disaster without being affected.

Another friend send me this picture.. I do not know what the words say… does anyone out there know?

Enough for now. I have another delivery to make for the food bank. If you are in an area that is dealing with the aftermath of this last storm… please… if you can help….. it would be greatly appreciated.

I heard the song of the cowbird this morning.

*I probably am exhausted

Comments on: "new beginnings yes/no" (10)

  1. Hang in there! Take care of yourself. ❤

  2. Wow, that’s a long time for a power outage. Bless your friend for helping you with a generator. I’m sure the noise adds to fatigue. Have a relaxing day!

  3. Good to know, everything is coming back to normal for you. We experienced before couple of times that kind of blackout and I know how hard it is. Take care of yourself and God Bless you.

  4. Google Lens says it’s “Bulgarian” — translated it says, “When you take your grandma to a Chinese restaurant.” LOL… would love to know how she knitted those noodles! Such fun!

  5. Have a blessed day!

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