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What to do, the bugs were so bad at P23, I wasn’t going to offer myself up to the hungry insects, I left in search of water. It had been awhile since I’d gone to Mud Lake in the west end.. thought I’d go have a look. Didn’t have my camera with me, but thought..” I have plenty of pictures of geese” so would just stroll the paths along the inlet (lake).

Well plans change. When I got there I saw that blocking the road up ahead (further than I usually park) were a zillion geese, sunning themselves, doing their morning rituals… not concerned that their numbers were such a car would not be able to get through. I drove up and parked on the left in a small 4 car parking indentation. When I got out, a father and his offspring were coming off a path to the right of where I would usually enter this side of the area. ” if you are quick you’ll see a mother wild turkey with her young ones strolling through the trees.”

I started for the path to the left of the fence, but he called out and said,” no go to the right ” I have been to Mud lake on numerous occasions, but had never gone in the area he suggested. I had always assumed that since there was cut lawn there, and a building down the way, that this was just, I don’t know .. a lawn. One should never assume. As I walked along the path that hugged the path, I found myself having to bend down under the branches of the trees that lined the manicured lawn.

To my delight I saw the adult wild turkey heading to the west further down from where I was.. couldn’t see the babies though… I thought to myself.. timing.. too bad, I’ve missed them.. but I continued on the path since I could hear water, and knew the river was ahead. Hello…. I found myself in the most wonderful of openings. (see picture above on the left) the heat of the summer has brought the water level down, I could pick my way over the flat river rocks.. and just meander along the shoreline without having to step into the water itself.

It was a beautiful unexpected visit, a new discovery, in an old known haunt… another example of how allowing yourself to do something different. can offer up new opportunities to present themselves.

Have a prayerful mind to love yourself and others. Open up your heart fully when praying to God. It will help you sort out your feelings.

Perfect Liberty 2022.31
Till soon

Comments on: "watching the world go by" (7)

  1. It is always good to have a camera with you

  2. What a great discovery…..with the help of your feathered friends. 🪶

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