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A trip downtown yesterday seemed like a good idea. A friend drove me downtown to a very trendy busy, location .. where I could search out cigars for a friend. Simple enough.. the idea seemed good to me at the time, the place is bustling with tourists, visitors, shoppers and residents ..honestly I lead such a quiet life I was totally unprepared for the hustle bustle and activity that was a constant buzz and roar from every direction. On one occasion as I talked with a shop owner in the shop .. she had to leave me to close the door for all the hollering, and cheering that was going on outside.

There is a stadium, and fairgrounds located in the area I was in, the shopping area is built up around it. The main street snakes for miles and ends up at parliament hill if one travels north. For those of you who know Ottawa I was in the Glebe around Lansdowne… Of course, it was a Saturday, but being retired, it just skipped my mind, Saturday to me is like any other day, I just “live it” “do what needs doing” I’m sure many of you can relate to this.

If you have been following me for years, you will recall that one of my activities was to have Brian drive me downtown and then I would walk home, 5, 8 miles probably more. Taking my time, lingering, window browsing, simply exploring. Since his passing I have not been downtown at all, never mind on a bus.

It didn’t take me long yesterday to realize that I was no longer that same person I was those many years ago…. the throngs of people, the heat, the noise, it was jarring. Ladies I didn’t even go into the shops I so enjoyed before, even the wonderful Glebe Trotters (shoe store) I ignored. I dug deep found the change required for a bus ($3.75) and hopped on a bus that would take me to the Rideau Centre (big shopping centre near Parliament ..) where I would than transfer to the bus that would bring me a block from home.

I had a delicious salad in a trendy shop $15 with glass of ice water to keep me hydrated, then began the bus ride home. At the Rideau Centre, there was over a half hour wait for the bus I needed. I had my fill of people watching by the time the bus came. I think I will no longer argue or poohpaaa when I’m told I’ve become a recluse, I now know without a doubt, I am happier in the woodlands, or by river/lake/stream where life is quieter and nature and wildlife abound.

Think of the timing before you say “but….” When stating your opinion, make sure you are being respectful of others opinions. Be mindful of this when you speak.

Perfect Liberty 2022.14

Today’s calendar quote… is about timing yes, perhaps had I gone mid week and not on a Saturday morning my downtown adventure would have been less hectic, busy… it also has to do with adapting to change, not only in my surroundings but IN my “self”

Positive – I had a wonderful experience in the store itself, the owner of this shop is also the owner of two other cigar boutiques in the city. I knew nothing about cigars .. I now know that there are a lot of cigar smokers out there and that it is a hobby with a lot of history and dimension. Yesterday I learned about the different colours of cigars, (the plant leaves) more and more I’m discovering about the tobacco world,. Life will keep on progressing… I will adjust … my choice though.. my preference… simplicity.

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  1. For sure a nice bustling downtown. Have a great Sunday.

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