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Wednesday… 1.4.23

if you were to imagine you could be anywhere, would you like to be in a walled garden or in an open space with a view that goes on for miles. contemplate the silence within the walled garden, and then move to the open space and listen again…

Listen to others until the end. If you put your thoughts first, you will not be able to listen to others until the end. Firstly, listen to others to the end, and understand them well.

Perfect Liberty 2023.4

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  1. Carol Westover said:

    Nice… just to imagine doing this… thank you for the peace of the moment.

    • Good Morning… HI. the church address is Perfect Liberty, 1010 Hunt club road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1V 8S9. …. contact there is Rev. Eugene Hayashi…. there are two different sizes one is a wall calendar the other sits on a desk… I use the desk ones… easier.. I’m told that this year the wall ones have the same graphics in the past they didn’t. I think he received the Japanese ones, and is still waiting on Portuguese and the Spanish.. the cost has gone up, they are now $6 each, LOL a one time we paid 3…but… life moves on…. I looked on the back, there is a web address, but I don’t see one for the church in Ottawa, hmmm let me see ethayashi@perfectliberty.ca hopefully I transcribed that correctly. the church phone 1-613-225 1850

  2. Both options (walled garden and wide open space) sound idyllic to me, and a perfect way to find peace in these troubled times.

  3. Would you believe we went from 4 acres of wide open spaces to a hedge-lined postage stamp-size yard with wide open spaces to the east of us? It’s so quiet, except for the birds chattering. πŸ’œπŸƒπŸ¦©

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