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I miss the wild turkeys!

What was it about them? I have no idea, they are not pretty or cute, but they sure had personality. Will I see them again.. I don’t know.. that is why it is so important to be in the moment. To live each moment being “present’… the memory I have of being with them, makes me smile. Priceless moments, since I have made strides over the years to be present in my interaction with life… I have many memories that please me to remember.

I see and hear people talking about what they love or remember best of the past year… and what they are looking forward to in 2023. I keep it very simple. I just like being happy, and I strive for contentment.

Always be humble. If you work on things with the attitude of asking for a favor, people around you will advise you what they have noticed. There’s something in fact you are not aware of that you do.

Perfect Liberty 2023.5

nb. translations this year were done in Japan (calendar quotations) if you have a problem understanding the lesson, please let me know.

Some days I feel ripped apart like the tree bark of a felled tree. Maybe I will heal and there will be no scars, but that is unlikely… however.. I will be stronger for the experience. Q

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  1. Carol Westover said:

    I am blessed. to have you in my life–to ground me and keep me centered. Thank you…

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