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Yesterday in my search for more rocks, I stopped by a nature trail that isn’t used much except by those who live in the area, and for those who remember it from days gone by. It is off a busy enough road, and there is an old railway line on part of the land. Birds love the area, it is a cacophony of sound and activity at this time of year. i had not been since last year. I was shocked at what greeted me when I drove into the area. There has been destruction from the previous storms.. trees block the entrance to the areas I have shown you here. pristine looking yes.. I did not .. could not bring myself to take pictures of the debris, garbage and human waste that has been dumped and left to rot , spoil and mar the beauty of this beautiful location.

To get to where I took the pictures, I had to climb over several trees, or walk around on ground that was muddy and not very easy to travel without proper footwear. Plus the waste that has been just dumped was rotting near by, and litter is blowing around, you have to have the stomach and determination to go forward. I knew what was beyond the fallen trees, at least I thought I did. I made the effort even tho’ I was not dressed for climbing over trees being it was Sunday and service was at 10. I’m glad I did, I could show you that the area beyond the fallen trees where cars can’t go… was as you see, still looking inviting, welcoming.

Why do people take and leave their garbage .. their were old tires, garbage bags were throw up into trees??? others had torn open and all the contents were strewn about. The only bird in the area that is like a dump and open sore on the land, was a crow who turned black knowing eyes at me…. he could fly away, even he wasn’t going to stay.

Today’s calendar is about saying Thank YOU, and being grateful, and practicing appreciation for the positives in our lives. Yesterdays discovery was truthfully a shock for me, I do see litter and of course I read about or hear about the thoughtless deeds that happen in and around me … but… it still is a “blow” to know that the land/environment we live in/on and that is so important to our health and our well being is treated so callously and carelessly.

“Thank you” again and again. It feels great if someone tells you Thank you. even many times by repeating this be cone a person who comes up with the words “thank you” naturally.

Perfect Liberty 2023. 8

Please don’t take for granted the green spaces we have left. Trees are important in filtering the air we breathe, the birds, wildlife all play a part in our own survival on this planet. I don’t like all the rules and don’t always agree with what happens in these times, but the land, and the wildlife that live with us on this planet are necessary for our own well being. We are all ONE. Be accountable.

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  1. I agree with you, it is hard to see how disconnected from nature some people have become. 😢

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