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Photographer – Matt Benson – Instagram https://www.instagram.com/matthewjohnbenson/

Under the clearest of blue skies yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a new photographer, we were standing on a lookout watching beavers sleeping in the sun. So unusual to find two beavers, happily having their morning siesta on a big comfy nest they had made for themselves. They were totally undisturbed by the humans who were standing feet away from them (separated by 10 – 20 ft. of water.)

Matt had his camera at the ready and got this great shot of the beaver when she/he turned over to do a bit of grooming. (Matt’s Instagram link is above) The other beaver had a different shade of colouring they were such an adorable sight.

I am often asked why I get up every morning and head out into the “world” to spend time with the wildlife and various other “wanderers” like myself. It is because I am blessed when I do with meeting and interacting with wonderful like minded humans who enjoy nature and follow their dreams/instincts and roam and explore the world around us.

I saw my first red fox yesterday, I was off on a side road looking for more rocks for my rock garden I am working on… when I saw a movement at the side of the road, I slowed to a crawl, et voila, out came a beautiful little fox. She/he was out for a morning stroll.The car now stopped, I waited and watched as it ran across in front of me and then slowed to sit by the fence of the business it was now in front of. We casually looked at one another…. it was very early barely 7 a.m. I tried talking to it… not understanding a word I was saying, it decided i was not worth spending more time on and moved on.

The encounter made me feel good tho’… I had seen my first fox of the year. I have known them to be around when I am walking the trails, but this was my first sighting. Then to later come across the beavers sun bathing… well … it was a good day. Add to it I heard Matt telling another photographer about the picture he got of the bird taking off.. (I asked to see it too… seeing it I knew I wanted to share it with you all..) I had such a sense of freedom … the sun, the drive, new sights, sounds and people, It was a feel good moment, the bird taking flight was a great visual.

Today’s calendar…

Give importance to listening, looking, thinking, doing and speaking. Look and listen carefully before making a judgement. Assumptions and hasty conclusions can lead to misunderstandings.

Perfect Liberty 2023. 7

Have a great day today everyone. remember… PL Precept #1 Life is Art!

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  1. Wonderful encounters! ❤

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