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Black billed cuckoo

I was searching for the the Northern Flicker, it was persistent with its calls, It wouldn’t let up, the Blue jays, Chickadees even the red winged blackbirds were having something to say, after all, finally a morning of sunshine and no rain. A white throated sparrow joined in along with a Snow goose.. I was wandering, listening and searching through the tree tops for the flicker when another voice joined the cacophy of sound. my reader told me it was a red tailed hawk, this had me really searching the trees. AND then I saw that in all the singing there was a black billed cuckoo joining us.

The purple finch, the house sparrows, evening grosbeaks, yes.. I had a lot of company, but the black billed cuckoo, that was totally new to me.. I began my search in earnest. Alas.. except for a flash of movement and a receding tail end…. (without my Nikon or binoculars) I was doomed to listening. I’m off again this morning with the binoculars this time… to see if it is still there.

I spent over an hour at one site, clearing dead branches and preparing the area for next fall. I needed to get some clearing in .. the new growth once it starts will be strong …. the rain has kept this season a little behind. My Magnolia I saw yesterday … is not enjoying this start to the season. I saw few buds, I hope it pulls through.

If you are wondering, I use a sound recorder, The Cornell lab, Merlin .. I have the ap on my cell phone. It has helped me a lot.. it is very educational.

Make happiness with willingness. People who like to make an effort can enjoy anything. those who spare no effort for anything and anyone know the joy of making art. make an effort with willingness.

Perfect Liberty 2023. 6

observation. I spent over an hour clearing dead branches, fallen logs, etc in a public area, a nature trail, yet I can look at a messy counter in my kitchen and not do dishes till I’m good and ready. when I got home I even got real comfy and lay outside in a new deck chair watching the buds slowly drink in what was left of the afternoon sunshine. A lazy ME moment. Keeper joined me (female whippet)…. the mood and moment carried on into the evening. I call it turning off. Do you do this from time to time? Its healthy for us!

Northern Flicker has been dropping in now and then.. There is something about this woodpecker that makes it adorable. but then I’m a woodpecker “fan”… however, I now know from its calls yesterday… it can be very vocal.

bird images today were from the internet

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  1. Excellent captures!

  2. A cuckoo would be a cool sighting!

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