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being thankful

easter IslandI remember being totally fascinated and captivated by the story of Easter Island.  I was lost in the mystery of it all.  I dreamed of travelling there to see the giants for myself.  I never did, instead as i made my way in life, I found that my life itself was full of mysteries , my own wonders at the complexities in life, How I could love so much and enjoy so much yet seem to always be “odd person out”

Even when I hurt, or feeling sad and down, they were feelings that I seemed to revel in, I basked in the emotions that engulfed me and  examined how they made me feel and  how I got there. They were lessons,  I went through the heartbreak of wanting so much for someone to care, and not recognizing that a relationship is based on BOTH parties being of the same mind.

It takes living the experience to learn the value of the lesson taught.  I have been blessed with many lessons in life. Each lesson has made me a much stronger and independent woman.  It is in paying attention to each and every moment of our lives that we grow, that we blossom, unfold and mature into the person we become.  In a lifetime, we continue to experience the many changes and lessons until it is time for us to quietly transition to another state of BEING.

Great pyramid of Giza, Egypt

When we truly appreciate all that we have lived, and what IS, Then and only then will we find true happiness.  Give thanks every day for the wonders in life that have blessed you during your lifetime.  To every negative there is a positive. Kindness and love for another are gifts to be treasured.  I give thanks for each and everyone of you, you are so very appreciated.

Namaste     –       Oyashikiri


What happened

52174f96e59f1c156bda5189e3e0275eHappiness is not about luck, it is about how you perceive the world around you.  I grew up thinking I was Chinese, then one day discovered that I was part Irish.  Go figure on my Mother’s side, Did that change who I was, no, for some reason, I have always just said, when asked, I’m Chinese.  Interestingly, come March 17, I want to wear green, and I feel a kinship for all that is Ireland. (Irish)


The PL teaching for the 17th . is “The things that happen in our lives are neither good or bad.  It is our perspective that determine whether the outcome is good or unfortunate.”

When I wrote my virtual blog earlier, http://virtualluna.blogspot.ca/ I wrote about weddings, love, partnerships, it took me on a trip down memory lane.

Later in the day I spoke with a  special lady who told me of a beautiful relationship she had, and how it had ended when her partner passed away.

Love is such a beautiful emotion, when there is true love, I am a believer that life is and will always hold that love in a very special part of who we are.  A good friendship never really dies, it fades away, but the joy of that friendship will live in our hearts for a long time.

I agree, some people are just not meant to be lovers, or married, but at one time they shared a very special bond, and that memory, that experience, will always be part of their chemistry, (makeup).it will form who they are in the present.  We all know the expression, “it is better to have loved and lost, then to never have loved at all”.


What happens when we fall in love, and what goes wrong, who really knows.  But when the happiness and joy of being together is no longer there,  When you no longer can share your heart willingly, then it is time to let go and move on.  Love is a blessing, it is a gift, not a chain that binds.

So today, while the leprechaun play, and the fiddler has us dancing, hold out your hand and clasp the friends you care about …  recognize and appreciate that this is a day to be happy that they are in you life.


“May the road rise up to meet you

May the wind be always at your back

May the sun shine warm upon your face

And the rains fall soft upon your fields”


“and until we meet again may God hold you in the 

palm of his hand.”

I truly love each and every one of you…

Namaste      –     Oyashikiri


happy and free


How beautiful heaven must be

oh to be set free

Night and day, we pray

Peace on earth will be here to stay

the joy of a happiness

lived in a total awareness

of unconditional love

trust, understanding, caring

peace in all our hearts

when love is not just a word

then and only then

will light and dark

be ONE


namaste – oyashikiri

* artistrising.com


overcoming obstacles


An obstacle in life can come at us in many shapes, sizes and ways, it is how we deal with them that either stabilizes are stress levels or drives them around a bend.


A natural disaster, well…. there really isn’t much to be done, but find another way to reach our goal or destination.  We grow in life by experiencing and creatively dealing with the situations that come our way.   If we see the challenge as an opportunity we are more apt to enjoy the day no matter how we proceed.


May you be granted wisdom for your decisions,

hope for discouraging experiences,

your energy replenished during your tired times,

and renewed vision during down moments.

Always and Forever

Namaste – Oyashikiri


* guardian.co.uk

**traveltips.usatoday.com (Hawaii)

*** comfortspringsstation.tumblr.com

Unfolding of Time

church,Romania village of Bezidu

In 1988 the village of Bezidu Nou in Romania  was flooded.  Only these two churches remained above the water,  This (above) was a picture of the churches in 1995

church Romania 2008

By   2008 only one remained, the land around, you can see has been dramatically changed.  In 2014 this is what a visitor to the site will find.

Church Romania 2014 -courtesy lacihobo,Utikalauz,causs and zuzsa Mate

pictures courtesty, lachihobo,Utikalauz,Causss and Zsuzsa Mate

There is an expression that comes to mind, “never judge a book by its cover”.  People we meet, friends we already know, even family, how much do we really know about them.  We see only the “face” presented to us.  Even over time, we may see the gradual changes, but do we really go beyond what we see in that given moment of time.

Good relationships begin by the simple act of greeting one another.  I’ve had too many “how are you” spoken to me, without any real intent on the other person’ part to really hear my response.  It is a throw away question or remark.   As is, “I’m fine thank you, and you?”  Usually or often, the person has moved on before you are really finished with the formality of a greeting.

Let us try today to show respect and a genuine caring when we interact with others,  Smile from the heart, when you pass a stranger if your eyes meet, smile, nod it is a feel good feeling.   When driving on rural back roads often the residents will wave as we pass, we wave back, its friendly and a welcome exchange between strangers.  You find yourself smiling, it was a happy exchange …

Walls may crumble and disappear, but the happiness in your heart will always be there. Treasure and nurture it.

Have a super fantastic day my friends,  Know that you are in my prayers and that love is being sent your way today and always.   Blessings be.                                  

May the Universe wrap you in a calm,serene embrace

May the faith and spirit within you

cast out the darkness, bathing you  in a light

that will fill you with eternal grace.

Namaste  – Oyashikiri 

words by Q


Good Morning everyone….

Brazil,blossoming piuva in Corumba,Mato Grosso do Sul


Now is always the time to start something “new”  – That is what the PL lesson was for me t his morning..( ahhh  Just in time. =^_^= Taking a breather, we are going to drive down into the States to explore).  Everyone needs to open the door to a new beginning and start a new day. Clears the cobwebs away.

Use today as a starting point.  Move forward towards a path that will lead you to improvement and progress.  Negativity, in our live can drain us.  Rain or shine, we need to continue and persevere to make our wishes and goals come true.

Namaste    –    Oyashikiri

Nederlands- Dunes Kijkduin,denhaag,the Hague

Love is healing

*Brazil -blossoming Piuva,CorumbamMato Grosso Do Sul – Walfrido Tomas

** Nederlands,Dunes Kijkduin,Den Haag,The Haag (Sebastian Drost)

Dag,hallo, Hello everyone!

handmade card - via Jeannie Donnelly Today we are welcoming a new member to the PL (Perfect Liberty) Family, Rev.Tiago and his wife Paloma are proud parents to a beautiful  baby girl .. a sister for their first princess.  Double  delights and pleasures in their world. Congratulations!  Girls, bundles of sweetness and light.  Another new chapter in their lives. =^_^= Isn’t it exciting when someone in you life experiences a life changing moment.  When I researched what was out there for new births I was happy to find that there is such array creativity out there.   A wealth of ideas for those who like to make their own cards, suggestions for doing a nursery, knitted items, the sweetest little outfits, in this instance, all pinks and pastels . A whole new world for an “oldie” like myself. Each day brings something new into our lives, Something to discover and appreciate. Whether directly in our daily comings and goings or in the world around us.  Cherish  happy moments, treasure the memories they will have for you in later years.  Let us take today and make it special.  Look in the mirror and smile,  “you’ve come a long way baby!!” fe5ccc78919c05a182227b6cf93939d0 With deep affection I would like to offer up a prayer that each and everyone of you today will feel the presence of the Universe in your lives.  It is a new day, and a new beginning for whatever it is you want to do.    Blessings… Oyashikiri       * handmade card>Pinterest (Jeannie Donnelly) ** silk floral found on etsy.com (BeautyEverlasting)


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