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Let’s Be Simple and Straight-Forward With Our Expressions

PL teaching, day 26 > Let’s Be Simple and Straight-Forward With Our Expressions > If you hold your feelings in, you will always be filled with worry. Always make effort to express yourself freely so you can live with a clear state of mind.

PL is a “living religion” that provides meaning for the hear and now on a daily basis.  In PL, we live enjoying each moment in the here and now.  Pl exists to supports its members fully in gaining a greater understanding of our existence as human beings in this very physical world.  It helps us to improve our life on a daily basis. If you are searching for a spiritual path, with more relevance to your present daily life, we welcome you.  You will find contact information on our websites. (see links in sidebar)

PL Church is a “spiritual  home away from home”  a place to find your “Inner Self”

2012-12-11 Church PL 5.13 008 ………….  Life revolves.  We cannot go back 1 minute, or one day.  Engage life and maintain your pace.………

Let’s Be in Tune With the Times

PL teaching day 16           Let’s Be in Tune With the Times   > We live in a world that is rapidly changing with the times.  Let’s continue to keep up with the evolving trends of society and strive to broaden our horizons. <

My husband and I drove to the other end of the city today to a huge parking lot, to check out the different  kinds of recreational vehicles that were on display. (Motor Homes, trailers,tents and the like)  we were told there were over 600 parked in the numbered lots. Golf carts drove visitors around, and carried refreshments from one end of the event to the other.  At one time, not all that long ago, the whole area was farm land, woodlands &  country fields. We drove out there using the “super highway”, gone were the cows grazing contentedly in the pastures, sheep nibbling their way along a stream, a farmer tending to his crop. Now littered basically every couple of miles is a big super center for shopping. with all the big box stores making their presence known.

This is a popular venue, it is a yearly event.  There were many couples there, all with an eye on what type of caravan would help chase a dream.  A pop up that can be set up near some babbling brook, or along a sandy beach. A motor home that can be driven to a destination that will provide a sun filled winter without snow.  So many possibilities.  While we explored and enjoyed the day, in the end, we came home to our little “nest” in the heart of the city and tucked the information away for another time.  Today is today, enjoy NOW.

Happiness & contentment is a treasured pearl within our own “Selves”  How we tend and cultivate this pearl, is how well we will deal with the changes in the world around us.  The teachings of Perfect Liberty, help us live an Artist Life.  ” The PL 21 Principles are the practical guidelines for our daily lives as PL members.  They assist us in practicing the PL 21 PRECEPTS   The 21 Principles are specific guidelines on how to live the PL WAY (an artistic life) and teach us how to reach a positive state of mind, so that we can express ourselves more harmoniously and joyfully.” (pg 12  PL Members’ Guide)

When we are at peace, we are “in Tune”     Let’s Be in Tune With the  Times

To find a Perfect Liberty contact near you, please visit our websites found in the sidebar.

Yang rock June 26.08 004


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