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Chop Suey, 9.1.17

Movati 8.31.17Magical

Futuristic, a playground for my “Me” time.  I’ve gone back to the gym.  My favourite  place, my get away Movati Athletic … It was time, I’ve been back a couple of days now, and it is wonderful.  Staff have changed, the older carpet has been replaced, still the magic of the place is intact.

Having started with them back in the late 90’s when they opened, it was where I wanted to be.  I went up to the co-ed floor today, a must for me, it means walking up the flight of stairs, there is an elevator, but the whole idea is for me to start rebuilding my whole over-all “body”.

My fit bit was very happy, I finally met and exceeded my goal that I had set for myself.  =^_^=  sparkles went off when I looked at my figures.. Yay!!!!

On my way home from errands, I went into on of my “haunts” and woweeeee   I found a Madame Alexander Doll (2014)  She was not in the best shape, her hair was a total mess, and all frizzy.  Her body was scuffed and marked, but…. never having had one to check out up close and personal, I brought her home.  She has been bathed and washed, and her hair cleaned, but it will be awhile before I get all the knots and frizz under control, IF it can be done.

Took items to the church for the upcoming garage sale, remember everyone, mark your calendars, September 16, Saturday  from 8 am – 2 pm.  1010 Hunt Club, Ottawa,On. Church of Perfect Liberty

Icing on the cake… I got home to find a big happy balloon tied to a floral dish garden.  Thoughtful friends in Australia, reached across the globe, with their love and healing prayers.  Muah darlings, I will write soon.

My husband and I have been overwhelmed with the love and friendship that has been coming our way.  This is a journey that is truly blessed in many many ways.  We our humbled by the love that has transcended the distance of geography and time.  Thank you for letting us know, we are not alone.


PL Precept #15   All is a Mirror


Movati Athletic   http://www.movatiathletic.com


Garage Sale


Good morning everyone, today is a church day, the sale is this week-end, therefore there is a lot of setting up to do to be prepared.  If you live anywhere in the area, please pass this information along,  The garage sale will be in the parking lot and the Boutique sale will be in the lower level of the church.  We have lots of “treasures” and “goodies” for you to discover.  This year, we have handmade one of a kind greeting cards that we are excited about.  Affordable and fun.  Lots of retro and diva jewelry, rings, necklaces, earrings, accessorize you look, you will have lots to choose from.

Yesterday’s visit to Montreal was very successful, as you know I’m working on Holiday cars for a group that gives crafted cards to shut ins, and seniors without families.    To be ready for the holiday months,  artist and crafters have begun working already on their projects.

PL Precept #16  All things progress and develop – and in life if you know this, then you plan accordingly.

PL Precept # 19  Begin once you Perceive

PL Precept # 7    Everything exists in Relativity

The gathering, the preparations for the Sale, is a fun way to recycle and find ways to raise money, but more then that, it allows us to share the day with each and every visitor, interacting and enjoying the seek and find that happens at these events.

PL Precept #1   Life is Art.          Communication is an art –   Sharing smiles, and conversation is a joy…

2012-12-11 Church PL 5.13 005

Find the church and come on by 1010 Hunt Club Road, nearest cross road, is the Airport Parkway. If you are at Bank and Hunt Club, facing towards Winchester,(south)  then turn right and head west.  If you get lost, call, the number is on the poster. 613 -225-1850

Namaste          –         Oyashikiri

PS.. anyone interested in Japanese books, we have a lot to pick from, beginners to advanced

Open Up

Opportunities don’t always come and knock on the door,                                        landscape 3

Usually, they present themselves as a challenge.

Today was the church garage sale, we do one, once and  sometimes twice a year

As I watched people arrive, park and saunter over to the tables, I wished I had ..  more time to say Hello, Hi!, So nice that you could drop by…..

But of course, there was little time for anything but to keep putting stuff out and answering the many questions being asked by the eager early arrivals.

Church staff were kept busy, putting stuff out, or helping with things being purchased.  There was a steady stream of new arrivals.
here are several reasons our church does a garage sale, and yes it is to raise    money for the church… but it is also to meet the many people who drop in to       visit us  each year, and to get acquainted with them

What I realized today, was that the opportunity was there, but the reality was, we were not staffed to properly achieve the part about.. getting reacquainted  having time to actually visit and say hello to the visitor who dropped in.

So… did we really accomplish what we set out to do?  The opening our doors to say Hello and  meet new people… That was/is an important part of our intended goal.  Sometimes even when we are proactive, it isn’t till we actually play out the steps that we have scheduled and planned, that we are able to see the discrepancies.

hmmm time to rethink, how to “open up”

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri



Friday 13th Everybody! Hurrah!!

Friday the 13th Everybody! Hurrah!!

This little guy is getting ready to go to the church with me to set up for tomorrow’s Garage Sale. Been sorting and pricing for days, jewelry,crafts,scrapbook supplies, the stuff still left to take in. There is more at the church that I will be getting at later today. We have a crew coming in later in the day to help.
Tomorrow, bright and early we will be ready for you.  Come share the fun with us.
A big thank you, to those of you who are so kind to write and/or give likes, I love hearing from you.
Yes I do have a Pinterest page- check Dymoon Canaille,

NOW.. tell me about you, how are you doing today?
Do you have a full day ahead of you, or in a different time zone, How has your day been so far?

In PL we believe GOD resides in your prayerful mind. When we make a heartfelt and continuous effort, The Universe responds to our Makoto (sincerity).

Have you ever read any of the works of Wayne W. Dyer?
He wrote “ While God represents the one power and does not recognize any other power, your mind is something quiet different. Your mind has both the power of evil and the power of good. As long as you use this power for the purpose of creating harmony in yourself and others you are consistent with the one Power of spirit. Spirit is the one unifying force in the Universe”

No effort is ever wasted. No matter how small your efforts, your Makoto will always be rewarded.

Smile dearest reader,really I ask you right this moment to smile with me, aaaahhhh a smile feels so good.  A nice wide smile, eyes closed. YES it just feels soooo darn good!  Your inner smile is ALWAYS with you. Use it.

Feel the love and joy being sent to you today. God/TAO resides in your prayerful Mind.
Now and Always. amen


PL Peace Tower – Holy Land – Japan

PL Peace Tower - Holy Land - Japan

Life is Art – “The Foundation of our Faith.
Annually we hold a Peace Tower Ceremony The spirits of all those who lost their lives in wars, regardless of race, religion or nationality are memorialized at the alter of the Peace Tower.


This picture does not do this room justice, it is an awesome sight, and the feeling when one enters is unique and powerful.  There are two arms (rooms) that branch out from this central alter.  In the ceremony we console the spirits of the dead and pray for the everlasting peace of  humankind.

On the first of every month – we celebrate Day of Peace.  Through this ceremony we pray for World Peace and dedicate ourselves to live as peaceful human beings.   Today being September 1. this is what we celebrated in church.

 ALLO – Bonjour _ Hello – Hola – Konnichi wa   Being at the church always is a feel good moment, today though, I have a whole lot of extra good vibes, oddles and oodles…in fact.. I’m going to share it all with you…

Before I leave you. remember that September 14, we are having a garage sale – lots and lots of “stuff” “vintage” “new” and surprises.. if you live in the area, don’t miss out!

Believe me this smile is power packed with a lot of love and blessings – please have a great day where-ever you are, and should there be a tear or two, believe me, you are not alone, close your eyes and feel the hug that a wish of love can bring you.  Need a special prayer, we can do that too.  PL is here for YOU


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