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Hjelle, Norway


To dream, to wake, to live and follow the  trail

always aware, always prepared to stop and gaze

when my eyes would behold the object of my  quest.

life can be a dream, it really can,

one need only to believe, is Hjelle Norway so very far away?

some one else captured this moment in time

now here I am, enjoying the calm and serene

of this artists gift, of this captivating scene.

because a stranger shared

my day is blessed with time spent in 

Hjelle Norway.

all because I followed the trail

and let God lead the way.

Norway. Hjelle

Text …Q

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Treat today as if it is your first time around

Just because you succeeded in the past it doesn’t guarantee that things will go as smoothly this time around. Every day each moment, there is a new challenge to face.

Don’t be captured by the past. Live in the Now.

Blessings … as the blessing moves across my lips, I feel both energized and serene. I wish and pray for you, health, peace and well being. My soul celebrates with the joy of sharing.

music-round midnight >Junko Onishi Trio

the above clip didn’t work, this is the song done by Miles hopefully it will play for you.

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