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un petit clin d’oeil

Do you make an entrance? Are you confident about your look? Does it matter how you dress?

Do you have more than one persona? Can a shy violet succeed in the corporate world? Are you the person we see?

In real life we don’t look like avatars or dolls, our expressions change every passing moment. There is depth in our eyes, with or without words, we can make known dislikes and pleasures. Humans interact, it is part of living.

Success is achieved by working in harmony with others. If the people involved in a group cannot agree with one another, things do not progress. When they work together as one, they can move mountains.

Perfect Liberty 2012.6

An artist can create an avatar, but the avatar is only pixels, it is the person behind the avatar that brings the avatar alive. Dolls come in every shape and size, today I must have seen dozens of dolls and not one was the same as the other. How they were dressed, did go a long way in projecting personality.

In the questions above, there is no right or wrong answer, we are all capable of astonishing feats, and brilliant ideas. Each one of us, has at some time been a different person. Why. Because, we interact with other individuals differently. Look around at your friends. Each one, brings out a different “something” about you.

Isn’t this wonderful. A wink and smile to each and all. Thanks for sharing this moment with me.


Me and rust

If there is rust, I’ll find it.  I love the way it grows and expands, changing as it ages. Ok it is not for everyone.  To my artist’s eye it has a melody all its very own. Left to slowly decompose, erode and oxidize  it has  patina and look that is unique, like a snowflake.  At least it does to my eye.

I have a whole section of film that is all rust.  For now it is part of my private collection.  When I want inspiration, I can play it back and let each image dance across the screen in slow motion. Oooohhh so powerful.

Smiles out at her friends.. that is why that expression that has been around for ages, is so fitting here… “to each his/her own”

Happy start of the week my lovelies.  May it be successful, productive and happy.

Namaste – Oyashikiri

PL Precept #7  Everything exists in Relaltivity

Silliness aside


Jalapeno bacon, scrambled with eggs and hot chili spice, topped with another  jalapeno sliced, seeds left in.

 Side of calamari,  battered in salt and pepper.  accompanied by a garden fresh juicy tomato.

Dear reader who asked the question, would I eat this when my taste buds are not busy battling a nasty flu bug.  Answer, yes and no.  I am on the mend, the omelet I am eating no problem, I cannot do the sliced jalapeno even with the tomato to cool it down.  The jalapeno bacon, ,hmmmm yes.. it is sooo good.  I cook the bacon up on it’s on with about as many slices of jalapeno as you see in the picture.  The whole package of very thinly sliced bacon goes into a wok type pan and is slowly cooked in its own juices along with the peppers.

When the bacon has simmered and cooked for about 20 minutes it is taken out with tongs and well-drained,  When I cook I used the bacon for flavouring, in the mornings it is used to do up an omelet such as the one above…  It is delicious, no extra seasoning is needed, but hey, go crazy with whatever you feel will grab your morning appetite.

This morning I am treating myself to a hearty breakfast since I know we will be on the road for a couple of hours.  It is a beautiful autumn day, Hubby will take us for a drive, so the dogs can have a good run in the dog park by the St. Lawrence River. (body of water that runs between Canada and the United States.

Principle #12 in Perfect Liberty is about starting the day with a pleasant and positive attitude.

Whatever your plans for today, I  hope that you succeed at accomplishing what you want to do,  you are all in my thoughts and prayers no matter where I am,  In heart and spirit you are with me always…

Namaste          Oyashikiri


Who am I

Who am I

Do you ever wonder who that person is looking back at you in the mirror. For years you have looked at that face, yet how often do you really see the face,and the eyes that are looking so intently back at you.
When we journey into the virtual world, we get to pick an avatar to represent us, it is the avatar that moves around and interacts for us with the other avatars in the virtual world.. Each avatar represents another person, who is sitting at a keyboard and looking at a screen. You can be talking to anyone, anywhere in the world connects to the Internet.
Each and everyone of us is in the game for a reason, to play, to build,design,educate, learn, the reasons are endless. So are the possibilities when it comes to what kind of an avatar you will use to represent “you”.
It is not until you are faced with the task of creating an outward appearance for yourself that you begin to realize that it is not as simple as it seems.
First we have to determine are we male or female. In the real world, we know the cards dealt to us, however in this virtual world, we can be whatever we chose to be.
We get to pick the colour of our skin, the shape of our bodies,, the colour of our eyes, and then when we do all of that, we have to dress ourselves, pick out the hair, finally we can have curly hair, and lots of it.
AND, because we get to pick our size and shape, we can then wear the shoes and outfits that we can’t wear in RL

The challenge can be so daunting, that many people give up before they even really start. I learned early on in the “game” that the choices we are asked to make, can be very helpful to us in learning to understand ourselves.

I’m only touching the surface here, we are only getting started. In this recent adventure, I have had to think long and hard about which avatar I would use. I already have established personalities and characters in SL. I realized that I did not want to use these characters because I liked who they are and the lives they have built for themselves over the years.
So, I dusted off the file on an avatar that I have till now only used when I needed a model. He/she had no defined personality and was simply an avatar. A dormant file/avatar in the game. Even the name of the avatar was non gender, Asia was especially used when I needed a male model for the ads/blogs.
Now Asia is a woman, and a Furry, (an avatar that is an animal with human characteristics) I started out thinking I would be a Neko (cat/feline) a Neko is a human with animal characteristics. But after several hours spent with the Neko I wasn’t connected to it. I felt no affinity.
Also what came into the equation is the other members you meet, who are also Neko,Furries, humans, Tinies,Dinkies, etc. Like in the RL the groups have their own culture, way of dressing, interests etc.
I have been absent from SL for some time, not playing as much as I used to, so I found that with the ever changing technology the products and items being offered, mesh, sculpts,animations etc.were different. Previous sources were no longer in business.
I thought I’d be a possat, I got the avatar put her on, but within minutes I didn’t feel right.

Nov2_001When I looked at myself as this avatar, I wondered to myself, what had I been thinking.  Where was I  “in my head” when I thought this is what I wanted to be?  this is what life is like, we do things, we purchase something because at the time, it was such a great buy or it really took our fancy, yet days later, it has lost its allure, and the search begins again.

Much like when I look in the mirror, I wonder who that is, and how she got to be where she is, what is she really thinking?  The person I have to ask is myself really, and the question again comes down to just who am I.  What am I doing here?  This could be a long meditation, a long on going chat with my inner self.  Meanwhile, life does go on, and I have another avatar in the making.  Does this mean that I have multiple personalities. Hmm stay tuned.

In PL we learn to continue and persevere to make our wishes and goals come true.  I’ve started this journey, I’m having fun working through my creative “wants” and the realities of my “self: images. I’ve been a lifetime getting to where I am today, guess I’m not about to stop the momentum now.  My friends call me a “shape shifter” (in SL)  I believe that is because, like in real life, I live the moment, and change is the only constant in life. =^_^=

nov 8_002

comments anyone? Have fun in life, take time to play, we are only here “now”   I am guilty of taking life far too seriously, even when playing… I’m working on it.. one step at a time.     http://www.secondlife.com                                                           photos -Q


Faded Glory

Faded Glory

Mother Nature is bursting out all over with her various shades of fall colours. I started out wanting to show you the meat for making ox tail soup. I got sidetracked by the hydrangea along the fence, The closer we get to the really cold weather, the more this flower will show off its many talents. It presents a different “face” for every season.
Personally, I feel that this is something we all do, some of us are more dramatic in our changes than others. The fall winter season sees my wardrobe going to darker colours.
Where does the colour go? It is still present in my life, I just don’t wear it. Maybe in a scarf, hmmm no.. I just checked, the colours are all subdued. One of my winter warm jackets is a royal purple, in some lights it looks like a dark grey, in sunlight, you can see the purple hues …. Whatever, the object of the coat is warmth.
OK back to the oxtail soup. Have you ever experienced oxtail soup? To be begin with, do you know what the packaged meat looks like?

2013-10-29 oct 29 001

This is one delicious succulent cut of meat.  You only need a few pieces in your cook pot to get rich savory results. (recipe is for two – four full nourishing bowls)

Choose the package of meat that appeals to you.  The meat is not inexpensive, there are other cuts that are cheaper, but only the oxtails give you “the” taste.  This meat is also great for doing beef and barley,  My version depends on what my taste buds are wanting at the time I am preparing the soup.  For this exercise I will be moderate in my selections.  I myself do not use recipes, I cook like I do other artistic expressions.. =^_^=

I like a good 5, 6 good size pieces of meat, 1 onion (palm of my hand) cut into slices.  4-5 cloves of garlic, (Russian if you can find it has a nice sharp tang to it)   1 stalk of celery cut into pieces, along with a dash of hot mustard (powdered)    also good is adding several slices of fresh ginger (to taste)  NO SALT.  Bring to a boil and then turn down to a simmer and let it cook for several hours.  After about an hour, you can add diced carrots, squash, green/red peppers, if I have corn I cut it off the cob and add it to the mixture.  Two hours into the making, add the barley or rice..  If you are going to add noodles, wait till about a  half hour before the soup is done.  Noodles that are too soggy are not pleasant to eat.  Only at t his stage, do I consider adding salt (if you use salt) and pepper to taste.

Variations of this dish, is to add curry, turmeric or black bean and garlic paste.  that is the delight of this soup, it has so many taste possibilities.  The meat gives you a true beef broth that will take you in almost any direction your little cook’s spirit wants to go.

Remember this morning I was wanting Japanese breakfast, I was at an Asian grocery store that has baked, and cooked goods, this is what I had for lunch.  I treat myself to these dumplings when I’m shopping there for my groceries.

2013-10-29 oct 29 006

Today- I enjoyed the visual poetry that the weather and sunshine day brought my way, and I let my taste buds enjoy themselves with the variety of goodies I “stuffed” myself with.  All in all, a pretty good day… Looking forward to tomorrow.

How about you, was your day a success?  Have a busy day planned for tomorrow?  Whatever comes your way, listen with your heart and mind…

Many blessings, today, tomorrow and always…

photos -Q


Life is like Art Art is Life

<img src=”https://dymoonblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/2013-03-26-garage-sale-9-13-002.jpg&#8221; class=”size-full” alt=”Life is like Art Art is Life” />

In life, in art, in projects, we get what we put into the task.
Do you sometimes skip a step here and there, cuz you’re in a hurry, then wonder later why something didn’t turn out quite like you expected?
Do you plan the event to get the event over with? Or is there a purpose to that event?
Is there a goal in mind, are their expectations?

Put your heart into whatever you do. If you are going to do something, you mas as well do it with enthusiasm. You will gradually begin to see what makes it interesting, and perhaps exceed expectations.

Treat Today as if it is your First Time Around.
Just because you succeeded in the past, doesn’t guarantee that things will go as smoothly today.

Today is today, NOW

Love fills my heart for each and everyone of you.

photo – art gourd by Q


Artist and Holidays

Artist and Holidays

It is September right. If you are a craft person, or an artist, what are you doing right now? working on Halloween or Xmas? If like me your passion to create has you sewing, making, baking, pickling, sculpting, painting your studio/craft room has got to be one big jumble of on the go projects.
Some of my friends are very organized, I myself am a clutter pro, don’t touch my “mess” cuz I know where everything is. Sign at door should say, “enter at your own risk”.

Why am I telling you all this you ask? Because I know that many of you out there are my mirror image.. we tidy, get everything organized when we are in non productive mode.. but, once we start on our projects, there is no stopping us, time disappears, and the ideas are coming fast and furious.

If we stop to look around, we could get discouraged, however, **The key to success is to continue without giving up ** You need to continue and persevere to make your wishes and goals come true. Once you start something, see it through to the end.** this is a PL teaching that works for me every time. Sometimes I need to read it again, when I hit a lull, but by practicing PL every day, I get a lot more done.

I go to bed smiling and feel the smile in my sleep, Life is good.. and I’m here to share it with you. Creativity makes the world go round, when we accomplish something, we feel good, and our smiles work their magic for miles around us.

Smile, today is the start of a brand new day. Loving Blessings to you all!


The Key to Success Is to Continue Without Giving Up

The Key to Success Is to Continue Without Giving Up

You need to continue and persevere to make your wishes and goals come true. Once you start something, continue it until the end. PL teaching – day 8

In PL we believe in living a “Prayerful Life” Morning and evening prayers help us overcome difficulties and live each moment with purpose. Prayer will also help us to progress and improve ourselves as we apply PL teachings in our daily life.

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