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Q&A Thursday

Arizona USA Petrified Wood Gallery

Petrified wood, in the Arizona Petrified Forest National park (Wood Gallery) this picture shows them sewn into logs, yet supposedly man was not around? (USA)


Such wisdom has been around for a very long time, why do we have so much trouble really practicing it in our daily lives?

minions 3

Minions, what??? what is it about them that cracks me up, I even went to the big “arches” (McDonalds) when they were the “goodie” of the day.

Angels Landing trail, Zion National Park, Utah.

Angels Landing trail, Zion National Park, Utah.

Some people love a cruise, personally this is still on my bucket list. Yuppers, I’d prefer to do it solo with no one else around, but… it looks like this is a trail that is well-known and I am not alone in wanting to experience it.  Who discovered this trail and marked it for us?  What a “high” that had to have been.

Zion National Park  Utah

This awesome capture was in Zion National Park, It was taken by photographer Long Nguyen, posted in 500px.  When I come across some of the amazing work of the photographers (artists) that search out their passions and capture them to share with us, I am so grateful to them for their skill at translating their experience into a visual format that I can enjoy and share in.

stairway to heaven

OK.. I want to visit here.  Does anyone know where this was taken, the photographer was Petr Marek,  the picture was posted on Fivehundredpx, the trail brought me to his pictures but aside from the title, Stairway to Heaven, there was no other info.??? anyway??  and yes, another for my bucket list.  could take me a while though, and I wouldn’t run up./P

camp fire

Let’s meet back at the camp site.. have the fire going… yawn, its been a good start to the day… loving it.  while I ponder all of this, I wish you all a grand day, I’ll send you off, to take a long walk… with a smile and a  hug of course.  Enjoy your day.. I’m with you all the way, Love you!


Namaste      –       Oyashikiri

PL Precept #2     To Live is to Express One’s Self





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Sometimes, something just is

Sometimes someone elses creativity has already expressed something I was going to say, the creators of this video, while giving us a chuckle.. also made a statement..

We are all unique and have our own way of expressing and living our lives.  This next clip was also a cutie I found on my FB page this morning.  My friends you are so wonderful with your ingenuity and posts. (the squirrel found a nut and wanted to hide it )


Share a smile today

make someone’s day brighter.

Namaste          –          Oyashikiri


please, a smile for you?

donkey flowersGood morning, I picked these just for you

 How are you today?  Is it sunny down your way?

Oh dear, what is a shower or two

After all, we are getting to share a moment

Before I have to say adieu..


Yesterday was a wonderful day

I’m sorry I missed my time with you

I knew you would understand

Friends and I, were out on a drive exploring

and simply enjoying the day

Seeing the sights and getting to know each other more

Life would be such a bore,

if we didn’t make time to play


The beauty and wonder of it all

Is that my friends are from Japan,

 I got to show them a small part of Canada

and experience their delight in viewing my homeland

Morrisburg, on St Lawrence River.

We got as far as the St. Lawrence River,

where we could stand, and they could see

our closest neighbour, the United States of America

crops soybean

Farmer’s fields were newly sewn, some early crops were to be seen

Everything was green, as far as the eyes could see

Language barriers vanished when the sharing

was the visual all around  us

country living, sheep

In Perfect LIberty, we truly believe that Life is for Living

and that Life is Art

Rev. Atsushi, Rev. Mamoru and I had a exquisite day yesterday

we put our full Makoto (heart/sincerity)  into what we did

the day will be a memory that will last for a very long time

In sharing it with you, we hope that it

will bring a smile to your day.

donkey smile

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri



Every destination has a story

every rock, a story of its own

every day a dream does come true

 I believe 

and live with love

it is eternal


Namaste     –     Oyashikiri




sometimes I find myself standing by a bridge

not sure whether or not to cross to the other side

I wonder, should I stand and  enjoy the view from where I am

even while I hesitate, I know I want to see the other side


others are seen crossing bridges every day

why do I hesitate

why is it that I seem to be cast in stone

my feet not moving, my arms by my side

I appear to be still, but I’m all a muddle inside


by day it does seem so inviting

and really, we can walk back if the other side is not to our liking

or can we…

having crossed over, we are looking ahead

coming back, we would once more  be starting from the other side

and the way forward, would be a totally different path


why, because, day is day and night is night

and try as you might

we can never go back to where we started

nothing would be the same

yes it is a shame, but such is life

if you fail to live the moment, when it happens

tomorrow it will be gone


is it wrong to want to cross every bridge we see

when your heart is strong, and your head is clear

you will know what to do

your feet will fly like the wind

and you will meet your destiny

happily and cheerfully


bridges were built to be crossed

and we were born to live our lives

crossing bridges, learning and growing

each step of the way


Namaste     –     Oyashikiri


The Moses Bridge,Nederlands

ancient bridge,Southern France

moon bridge,Taipei,Taiwan

tree root bridge,India

bridge into the clouds,mt.Rainier,USA

wonders of..

wonders of the world

Plodding along on a hiking trail in Ireland, and …. hello……… The Valley of Love in Ireland, ….almost a mile long and over a half a mile high, it is said to be 3000 years older than the Pyramids. I will have to do more research on this, but it sure would stop me in my tracks.  I’m filled with questions, on how it was built, and why?  especially thousands of years ago, when there wasn’t the technology that is around today.  How did the craftsman, or men, work and maintain perspective.  I wondered if it was  even real, then I found it posted on a site that featured, all the world’s best wonders… allworldbest.blogspot.com   wonders 2

In today’s world, with information made available to us from all quarters of the world, what we hear about and see on the telly,news stations and print media, is usually about all the negatives that humans seem to delight on inflicting on others..  Is this what we want to be remembered for.

wonders 3

These ruins, remnants of a past civilization, are beautiful and certainly a testament to what a human is capable of.  What happened to the people? where did they go? and why did they go?. Scholars have been studying and writing papers and books about this for years.wonders 4 - Brazil

Brazil a city with passion and a lot of problems, will this also one day be a monument of wonder surrounded by ruins and a vacated city? With human minds wondering what went wrong, and why did the people leave.  No longer can one sit in front of a television set to be entertained with music and song, theatre and art, now we are asked to pay and pay again, for viewing that is more to our taste.  What we are given for basic television, is the news coverage of all the horrors in the world, the crime, the shooting, the drama of cheating husbands and wives, agents that kill and spy on us, we have made room in our homes for the savage nature in the human mind.wonders 5

Our rivers are being polluted, majestic tress are being cut, whole sections of century old forest are being laid bare, many species of animals are becoming extinct, weather changes are severe, and still we heed not the warnings.  We seem obsessed with material wealth, superficial wants, and sordid passions that leave a soul empty and bleeding.

wonders,satue of Liberty

Most of  us know this wonder, the statue of Liberty in the United States, besides a tourist attraction, do you know what she stands for…..  ????  The greatest wonder of all, is that Universe we live in, yet we disrespect it from morning to night. The Universe we live in is not aside from us, it is part of us, we are part of the Universe…. no more… no less…

Cherish the being in YOU, love the world and all that it is… only you can help with changing what the world is today, it is we, you and I as a unit that will give strength to living in a world of peace.

PL Precept #21 Live In Perfect Liberty

PL Precept # 1   Life is Art

Namaste   –   Oyashikiri


help the world peace movement grow.. share this blog, thank you!


Bom dia, hello everyone


Fall is in the air, the perky nip of cooler weather is there to greet me in the morning when I let the dog out. 16 degrees C, ( 45 F).  The fall has to be my favourite season of all.. I enjoy each  one of our very different seasons, but fall weather  has a special place in my heart.  Every year  around this time the leaves start to work their magic on the landscapes.  The lazy hazy days of summer disappear, there is a quicker and snappier mood to our walk.  The fall clothes come out, the warm sweaters, closed in shoes, and wonderful combinations of casual fashion.



It is true, in the fall you are more likely able to draw me out into nature, the bugs and insects are not around, and where I would love a night in this cabin, I really feel the we would have problems taking the dogs out at night.  The next picture is of a “pond” in a secluded area of Nova Scotia, Canada where someone camps.  We have been to such locations in our travels, believe me, the exhilaration of such moments is beyond words.


In my personal journey to become a better person, I enjoy my time away as much as my time in the city.  Life is wherever I am.  It is when we stop moving forward in our lives that we grow stagnant.   One one  personal card I had printed, read, Discover a new you…. explore active meditation…. Step outside the box.   What is active meditation, active meditation is when you live each moment of your day with Makoto (sincerity) with a focus on being a better person in all you say and do.  Like the world we live in (nature)  our moods and self expression changes. When we accept that the only constant in life is change, then we are well on our path to living with a peaceful heart.


May your day be blessed with an abundance of happiness and joy!

Namste    – Oyashikiri





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*** Pinterest, T Werner Abel camping area

**** fs.usda.gov  Lake Conasauga,North Georgia camping area.


over and over!

Arizona, Sedona on flickr Day after day, time after time, we get to do some tasks over and over, or hear the same complaints, thoughts, musings from friends, family, co-workers, its a daily grind, getting up going to work, sigh…  there are days when the mind just won’t stop babbling away.  Then we take a walk, go hiking, or drive by a something new, something we haven’t experienced before. Do we take the time to stop and explore or do we keep on going?  When I saw this picture, I stopped! what a WOW factor. Arizona is on my bucket list. My husband surprised me one year by allowing me to think we were going on a trip maybe 10 days) down into the States to see a friend who lives in Montana.  What he didn’t tell me was he had mapped out a way to get there showing me a number of States I’d never been to, and then coming back from the west coast so that we traveled back to Ontario,Canada through the Provinces. Now that was an amazing time for me, we didn’t get to Arizona yet, seeing this picture has increased my anticipation. =^_^=  (  9 States and 5 Provinces later we got back home) See the pond that looks like a footprint.  Reminds me of the poem Footprints. Footprints poem   Put your heart into all you say and do. When we do something over and over, it can get boring, revisit how you do it, put a smile into it.  smilePencil Thanks for sharing this moment with me..             Blessings be……    Namaste …….     Oyashikiri ……..



Devils tower wyoming usa


Once a volcanic activity, this became a sacred place for the Indian Nation.  The old legend has it that the land rose to protect a helpless girl from a bear attack.  If you visit you can see Indian offerings scattered through the park. It is a peaceful and mystical place to visit. This is Devil’s Tower a National Monument in Wyoming, USA.  Transformations can happen over centuries, decades, or without our even really being aware of the change till we have an “oh my” moment.

Cornwall UK St. Nectan's Glen Waterfalls,

St. Nectan’s Glen, Tintagel,Cornwall, UK, one of Cornwall’s most sacred sites.  The waterfall is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest SSSI, it has been described as amongst the ten most important spiritual sites in the country.  It is a place of outstanding beauty

When we take ourselves out into the natural beauty of the world, we can feel the energy shift around us.  Surrounded by spellbinding landscapes that the Universe provides us, filled with the ambient sounds of life, we are refreshed.  Transformation begins when we ourselves, open our hearts to the wonders of LOVE. (God/TAO)

Good Morning everyone! May the blessings from high above, bring sunshine and happiness into your life today.

                                                                      Namaste          –          Oyashikiri


pictures – Pinterest

It is my pleasure to introduce to you another member of PL

Perfect Liberty is an International church, therefore members who will share with us, at times will do so in both their languages.  I do not change their words, or thoughts, but share them with you as they are offered.  I love PL so much because as a community we share and grow with the encouragement and support of not only the ministers but fellow members.  The Japanese terms are commonly used in PL,  You should be able to find the words and their meanings on our website, (link on right)  However I will work them in if I can do so without changing the expressions of the writer

Meet Harry  (USA), Harry attended Kyososai (the celebrations I wrote about in August)  this past July/August.   =^_^+ in fact, you will see Harry carrying the Canadian Flag for Canada (he became an honorary Canadian to help me out!  True gentleman!!)(see prev. blog)

This was a fun picture taken when we met the actors who perform in the PL children;s theater

Harry and cat

Each Kyososai is unique and every year is distinct with the mix of different people
attending. Often for me I try to absorb as much as I can all that goes on at Holyland
during my stay there. The whole time spent there is the rensei training, not just the
official part of the program …. Listening to lectures, taking every opportunity to pray at
the himorogi, conversing, sharing testimonies with the Brazilian members, breathing the
air and working up a sweat just being outside.
But reality hits when I get back from the Holyland. I always seem to receive my
blessings thru Mishirases and intuitions that that help me realize my short comings, last
year it was a nasty bladder infection that haunted me from getting good rest and sleep.
It’s like god is giving me another chance – blessing and salvation after my prayers at the
Himorogi. This year it was a flu symptom that bothered me physically, but also the way
my wife told me what a pest I was to her. I never thought I was a pest probing and
inquiring about what she did and did not do. I always thought I gave her a lot of latitude,
but apparently not. My mishirase brought me to church and the consultation for
oyashikiri helped me realize that I needed to back off and give her more space and not to
probe unnecessarily. It was the words my minister spoke that triggered my intuition. I
have always prayed to try to understand my wife and I never could, I was being a pest
and suffocating her. All this time I could not realize that my actions were killing her
spirits. Thank you, Oshieoyasama.

Mishirase: Divine warning from God, in the form of an illness, a misfortune, an accident pain or suffering

Oyashikiri Prayer– The special prayer to receive the blessings of Oshieoya-sana’s Shikiri

Shikiri PL’s unique way of prayer, asking God’s blessing with a sincere promise to accomplish what we have to do

Oshieoya-sama – Honorific title of the spiritual leader of PL, Rev. Takahito Miki

Thank you Harry for sharing your testimony with us.

Blessings to each and everyone of you, now and always…

photo taken in Japan July 2013 by Q

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