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A valentine

Valentine 1

I passed a display of valentine cards today

“you make my heart sing and dance”

said a happy dog with a big smile on his face

“a valentine hug just for you”

a pretty blue bird chirped as it sang from a tree

Valentine 2

The sentiments I saw today, were not like the ones of yesterday

when we wrote out a poem,

or picked carefully so that the card spoke what we couldn’t say

and of course, always we hoped there would be mail when we got home

Valentine 3

Some for sure, were really corny

and some were just so darn mushy

Valentine 4

but  honey, you and I know,

that even though you said you didn’t care

if a valentine came your way or not

it meant a lot, when someone said they cared.

Valentine 5

So guys and gals, you have plenty of time

to find a special card

that says, be my Valentine

Find one that is ” Eggzactly” right for that special friend or friends

and share a smile that will run for miles

saying simply, a heart/hug from me to you….

Valentine 6

Love you, each and every one of you.

Namaste   –   Oyashikiri

vintage valentines – Pinterest

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