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calm, confident and centered


What are my 3 wishes for today.  I pray that I remain, calm, confident and centered. It is not because I’m concerned or worried about the hospital procedure, but rather it is the coping with my inner disquiet when I am asked to drink something that I find totally distasteful, and it produces a physical reaction from my body that I don’t enjoy living through.


Have you seen what they are doing to watermelons in Japan?  They are growing them in clear square containers, more convenient to the consumer I would guess, but that is not what nature intended of the fruit.  I have gone now a long time without solid food, and truth be known except for the first couple of hours when I got hungry, I’ve not really thought much of food, since I had to deal with my diabetic self, reacting to the lack of food and the awful sickly sweet liquid they want me to force down.


Unlike the helpless fruits that are forced to grow in confined spaces, I have choices.  The procedure today is a simple one, done I’m sure zillions of times on adult humans everywhere, a must in the course of our regular health check ups.  So thought my body will have to endure this interruption in its daily routines, my mind, and focus will be on this New England get away.  I will be calm, because I’m happier in a calm state, and I will stay centered knowing that nature is all around me. Nature will continue to provide serenity to all those who seek the freedom  of God’s  embrace  and the blessings that are ours when we live in a state of prayer, keeping our connection to the Universe alive.. always in our hearts.

Life is God

God is Life

Centered in God, I am

Confident, and I am




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