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21991b3fd2120cb830e4954adb4acfe9Are you ready for the start of another week?    My wonderful friend Mollie ( co-minister at the Baptist church in a community near here), has been  happily posting in a shared file we have .. I’ve been so “busy” researching and “working” away at my desk, that I see she is being busy, I get a notice that she has posted, but I don’t often get to see what she has been adding.     Hmmm sound familiar.  Reminds me of the expression, about being so close to the trees, that often we don’t see the forest itself.  Or .. is it the other way around, we are so far in the forest we  no longer see the forest,or is it the trees.  OH my, maybe I’m not  fully awake yet……. smiles. …. Thanks Mollie for the above saying, with the cute picture.

Today’s PL lesson is about being making time to express our true selves.  To express ourselves with honesty and integrity  If we ask for help, we do so with sincerity in both words and actions.  The #1 Principle in PL is – I will live paying careful attention, putting Makoto (sincerity) into all I say and do.



Trust that you will receive all you need to get through today, then believe it will be the same for tomorrow.  Focus on your feelings, express them honestly, there is an inner joy when we express ourselves with makoto (sincerity)  The surest way to be blessed is to appreciate all the blessings  in our lives, and to give thanks for them.  Appreciate life, renew your connection with God/Tao every day, share your smile with others today.  Your day will be blessed.    … Smile…..    Oyashikiri

Nederlands,sunset,north sea

Nederlands, over the north sea

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  1. I have been blessed many times by the things you post, good friend.

  2. I LOVE these 2 posts. Following you now. I look forward to your next posts!

  3. Thank you for everything

  4. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  5. God corrects those He loves. The principle started in schools where children unaware of a mistake are NOT to be corrected so not to discourage or upset the child. So focusing only on ‘best’ creates new problems in society. A generation of children, nobody dare point error to have grown up believing they are always right. Believing everything is okay with such a mindset go into the life life with pressure to deliver perfect service without mistakes.Then any attempt to guide them by experienced ones who already made mistakes about to repeated are told focus only on the ‘best’ in them. But to be successful to improve anything being done in life, everyone needs help and support. The Queen of England is one of the wisest leaders on earth, yet she has 60 barristers in the Queen’s counsel advising her. Plus parliament, her secretaries and her team of staff supporting her including the whole world. The church needs in- house reality check to do self – assessment to help people to grow in Spirit and in Truth. Jesus drove out traders from God’s House of Prayer because Mr. Nice Guy saw the good side gained. But Jesus acted deeper beyond tolerating things needing correction in the Temple. It cost the church consequences of overlooking to be nice. Things festered as Paul warned 7 churches of untold scandals beyond belief in church.People can be challenged appropriately in love privately by a team of leaders. Women by the older wiser women and men by the men’s group chaired by pastor, with prayer and genuine affection to help the Holy spirit and transform lives. Leaving things to be figured out not to offend tolerates inadvertently. Pray for all members of the church by name individually but be prepared to intercede for their souls in spiritual battles when God reveals things to redeem them. The church is a spiritual hospital so spiritual physicians cannot cover wounds just as as they are not to cause pain to clean wounds to heal. Pain killers help so much but they are treated despite side effects unbtil the wound heals. The church must be real with people and not have fear of man. People must be taught from early years to be willing to be corrected in life Thank you for following Godshotspot.wordpress.com God bless

  6. Really interesting. I followed a link through to the church of PL. Fascinating stuff. Thanks so much for the like, I appreciate it.

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog. Then I had a chance to visit yours! I enjoyed your post 🙂

  8. Inner joy – yes that’s what we all want!

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