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orange tree

orange tree xI loved this little orange tree.  Every year I would prune it back and bring it inside so it could survive our Canadian winters.  Circumstances were that it grew very big, and we simply were unable to bring it back in.

Fortunately, our niece knew of just the right home and the little, now larger orange tree, went to live somewhere new.  Happiness is letting go, knowing when it is time to say good-bye so that life can continue to grow and bring joy to someone else.

For months now we have been trying to declutter.  We have been finding things we forgot we had.  They are leaving to begin their lives again. Going where they can be rediscovered, and enjoyed and used in the light of day.  Not stored away and forgotten.

When I see piles of this and that.. I’m heartened knowing it is temporary, every day a  bag or box leaves for somewhere else.  It is a work in process.

What are you working on today? Strive towards a positive outcome.  Life is good!!!

“Happiness is giving it away”


PL Precept #15  All is a Mirror



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  1. sharny1962 said:

    I totally agree, a new life for these things we have enjoyed. It is time that someone else had them to enjoy and appreciate!

  2. We had a little reminder about the letting go lesson this morning! We were washing dishes by hand since we’ve decided we may not replace our dishwasher. Well Kyle had one of my Mom’s china plates break in half. At first I was sad and thought about keeping a piece and decided, nope just let it go! We enjoyed the plate while we had it and it has finished it’s purpose as a plate!

  3. I could use a bit of decluttering, it isn’t always easy, but the result is worth it in the end. The surprising thing is I don’t miss the things I give away!

    • that is so true Eliza.. yesterday while putting laundry away, I realized I had T shirts I didn’t even remember in the drawer, I never wear them.. so instead of squeezing in the laundered T’s I took all the old ones out that I have not worn in ages, and put them in the Goodwill. Some were really pretty, and I hesitated.. but realized.. NO. I tend to wear the same old comfy ones.. .. it is a good feeling.. pass it on.. good morning to you!!!

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