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orange tree

orange tree xI loved this little orange tree.  Every year I would prune it back and bring it inside so it could survive our Canadian winters.  Circumstances were that it grew very big, and we simply were unable to bring it back in.

Fortunately, our niece knew of just the right home and the little, now larger orange tree, went to live somewhere new.  Happiness is letting go, knowing when it is time to say good-bye so that life can continue to grow and bring joy to someone else.

For months now we have been trying to declutter.  We have been finding things we forgot we had.  They are leaving to begin their lives again. Going where they can be rediscovered, and enjoyed and used in the light of day.  Not stored away and forgotten.

When I see piles of this and that.. I’m heartened knowing it is temporary, every day a  bag or box leaves for somewhere else.  It is a work in process.

What are you working on today? Strive towards a positive outcome.  Life is good!!!

“Happiness is giving it away”


PL Precept #15  All is a Mirror




Letting Go

Letting Go I will be leaving soon for Japan, finally, the time is drawing near. Next week. I will be leaving all my electronic gadgets at home and boarding a plane for an island far away, one that I have only read about or seen on travel shows. I know that this trip will change my life forever. It is a trip I have waited for, for a very long time. 1. Rensei training, PL’s unique spiritual,mental and physical training, conducted only at the PL Holy Land. By participating in this specially blessed training, one’s state of mind can be purified and we can embody the PL teachings.  2. I will be there for the annual Founders’ Day Ceremony, a power packed event that ends with an hour long display of the world’s greatest fireworks “The Art of PL Fireworks” I am being asked so many questions from friends and family. Will I take pictures, will I sight see, will I shop? Nothing is further from my mind. In preparation I have been meditating, and praying not only to try to prepare for this experience, but to accept the Letting Go of the part of “me” that will not be coming back. Daily I’ve been cleaning out, & paring down of material possessions.  With each piece I pass along, the more the physical space becomes uncluttered,, the more serene I become. PL teaching day 17..Always Challenge Yourself With New things... Life is interesting because we always encounter unknown or new situations that we have never experienced before. Proactively challenge each new situation. Meanwhile, our new Sr. Minister (Rev. Eugene) arrives this week, we will meet Saturday for a special ceremony, and Sunday the 21st we will all celebrate Thanksgiving together.  The PL community will gather to meet and greet. Please if you are in the area, you know that you are welcome to attend.  Contact information can be had from our web page.  Rev. Goto will now be based out of New York. He will continue from there to be available to anyone  wanting information on PL     Rev. Tiago our resident minister is also available to assist you in Portuguese, Spanish,French,or English. Blessings.  Good Night everyone!

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