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my heart!


What started out as a very nice day, time with a friend, finding a stamp I needed for a series of cards I’m working on.  Asked I would have said, life is good.


A short time later, we got a phone call, one that changed the “colour” of the day. A clerk from the hospital, left a message that due to what they saw as a heart problem, the scheduled surgery (coming Tuesday) was cancelled, lots to discuss, please call>?? You can understand, this was a rather startling and disturbing message.


We called back, only to discover, that the young lady, had not really gotten her information all updated and ready to dispense prior to calling.  For months now we have been going for treatments, followed and taken every required tests asked for. Now 5 days away from the 1st surgery, they had found a heart problem. Never had we even had an inkling of a heart problem, not even a murmur of one.   Needless to say, it was not a very quiet inducing conversation.


What we discovered was that, at the time my husband was there for the tests, they should have asked for a cardiologist right then and there to have a look.  With a week-end looming, we are on hold.  That a heart problem would surface over night, is rather puzzling.  Anyway, we wait.


My head tells me that if his entire life, he has not had one symptom, or whisper of a heart problem…then… I have to trust that precaution is important.  this is a very serious, major operation, the positive, is that they are making every effort to cover all bases.

Please join me in prayer and positive thoughts.  His main surgery date of Dec. 13th. is still in place.  There is an urgent request that he been seen as soon as possible. We wait. We pray.    PL Precept #11  Always be with God.


PL Precept # 17  Grasp what is most essential..

PL Precept  # 16  All things progress and develop

PL Precept #18  Each moment is a turning point.

across from Wagner home NY state

Comments on: "my heart!" (16)

  1. Oh dear, this is very unsettling for you both. Sending the most powerful of positive thoughts and blessings your way (throwing in some hugs too). Here’s hoping Monday brings clearer and better news.

  2. Sending you positive energy and a supportive hug.

  3. Lots of positive energy! I have had four heart strokes, and I´m grateful to God…. 🙂

  4. Sending positive, healing, restorative prayers your way. You are blessed. ❤

  5. amplitudejoy said:

    dear Dymoon and Brian, My heart and prayers go out to you. I pray that your intuition is right and that they are being extra cautious. XOXOXO

  6. All will be just as it is supposed to be. I can remember my mother was going to have knee surgery. They started it and found she had an infection which precluded them from going any further until the infection was healed. She had to wait longer for her healthy knee but it was worth it. I hope my sharing her story might help somehow with what you two are facing. Praying for you and sending love.

  7. happy Sunday to you dear friend… xxxoo

  8. Patricia Lebrun said:

    comment vas-tu, moi sa va bien, mon beau-pere est decede la semaine passe et l’ai funeraille etais samedi matin la famielle ont ses rencontre au st-hubert malgre la tristeste d’ un funeraille ont n’a eu une belle journee. toi j’etaire tu vas bien pour toi et ton conjoint.

    Avec amour et amitie, Patricia

    Patricia Lebrun

  9. Moz Loordes said:

    In my prayers with love ❤ Better that they find the problem now than in the middle of the operation. They will need to take extra precautions so may be a blessing in disguise.

    • I sooo agree…. just a “shock” at the time… sending xxxoo btw.. how do I find the linden holiday sims.. is there a direct link Xsa Queler is China Dream in SL I was not prepared to start all over with another avatr, and Q is a tiny.

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