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beyond and back

the invisible ride

Riding free into the Universe, a fantasy so near, yet so far. The horse so elegant, graceful and unerring in its dance as it races across the lands, passing the many landscapes, gaining speed, till its hooves travel on air into the stratosphere.

I have driven by this sculpture many times. I’ve seen it, but never stopped to really gaze and wonder at its beauty. Why in life do we hurry to and fro, missing so much along the way. How is it that we are blind to the beauty that sits waiting for us to realize, “ITs Presence.

Today,. I saw, today I explored, and now, I know, the creativity and love that went into forging and working the metal into the majestic piece of art that now, I will never forget.

The shortcut to progress is to listen with a humble mind. If you are stuck in your own ways, you will eventually become bogged down. let’s remember to be humble, learning what we can from the knowledge, advice and suggestion of others.

Perfect Liberty 2016,24

My thanks to my EA and fellow explorer, for driving today, so i could search the landscape for “treasures”

My gratitude and thanks to all of my wonderful companions on this journey it pleases me, I really appreciate, each and every one of you. I feel blessed that I have been given this opportunity to interact with you.


i would not be, if not for YOU. YOU are part of my happy!

Comments on: "beyond and back" (8)

  1. We must really look

  2. I am been to the trotters on Long Island. Roosevelt Raceway…no longer there.

    • Sadly Michael, this is happening here too. We at one time had two raceways, One with riders and where I was yesterday was trotters. I believe they will still have some races there but now, their main business is a Casino. That is why I usually drove by and didn’t pay attention, yesterday with a friend driving, I was actually look around. I don’t have that luxury when I am driving.
      I felt the artist really captured the spirit of the animal. In my younger day, horses were around more, now….Ottawa is a city, and farms are not what they were. change right.

  3. Public art is under appreciated, for some reason. Thanks for sharing this lovely piece. And reminding me to be humble today.

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