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Somehow, it crept up on me. I lay down thinking I would just rest… and I guess I passed out.. Not sure, but its happened a couple of times now.. and I am realizing that something is not right .. (little voice- you think!)

Todays message was to Strive to over come obstacles by changing my mind frame. Friends ask, “how does this happen” my first answer was “I don’t know”… OF COURSE I DO…. I am just not taking the time to address the issue with the right mind set.

After making a call to a health care provider on my team (one I could reach) Here in Canada it is a long week-end. We discussed options.. of course the usual one is going to the hospital, or speaking with a doctor.

All this to say, I have to take responsibility for my actions, (or lack of attention to my “condition” ) The body is wonderful it comprises of many parts. It is my responsibility to ensure that I give it the attention it deserves and needs. Saying so here, I am hoping that it will prompt me to not just say the words, but to live them.

I do have an appointment with my doctor on the 20th. in the morning.

The outcome is in my hands.

Perfect Liberty 2020.17


Comments on: "when blood sugars climbs" (25)

  1. Please take extra good care of yourself, Dymoon! ❤

  2. amplitudejoy said:

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  4. Be well. I’m sure you would agree that our bodies are the temples of our souls. And I suspect that you have much more work to do here upon this earth plane. Blessings to you. Holding you in light and health.

    • thank you for your kind supportive words. yes I agree, I’ve had a lapse.. and have to get back on track. smiles.. a bump in the highway, I didn’t see coming.. … have to own my lazy or sloppy “distraction” Thanks again

  5. I hope the visit is uneventful and helps you get on a healthy path.

  6. I do hope the appointment is positive.

  7. We all need these wake-up calls from time to time. I’m sure you’ll do what you need to do. Be well. 🤗

  8. Oh, my dear, please pay as close attention to yourself as you do to the well-being of others! I’m selfishly thinking of how much poorer my life would be without the inspiration and beauty your blog provides.

  9. In my twenties (a lifetime ago) I was passing out or feeling faint on a regular basis. I figured out I was hypoglycemic, or is that hyperglycemic, can’t remember which right now. Anyway, it was very scary but was actually the best thing that could have happened as it started me on the path of researching diet and nutrition. Now I enjoy eating healthy foods (but still enjoy some treats). I’m not saying this is your situation but sometimes life stops us in our tracks for a purpose. I hope you can get back on the road to good health and taking care of yourself… it is all that matters. Best wishes.

    • thank you SO much. I am a type 2 diabetic, but sometimes, I stray, the meds work so well, that I forget.. I feel fine because I have a regime that works for me. I am back on track now.
      Writing about my lapse, was my way of owning, my own failure to stay on the path. Saw the doctor today I have pulled my numbers back to where they belong.. smiles. that said, it never hurts to have friends.. help. and reminding me. =^_^=

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