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flower doodle 8.4

mixed media greeting

OK here you go…. this is the little greeting card.. … the trick is to know when you’ve done your part.. the rest is up to the viewer.

Thanks to everyone, its been such fun sharing “her” progress with you.

Everything that happens to you is material for growth.

Work well with everyone, regardless of their age or position..

Tanto los superiores como los inferiores, avances unidos.

Perfect Liberty 2020.4 and 2015 4

You truly all bring joy into my days… you are a gift, I love what you share so beautifully, and look forward to ongoing friendships.


The doodle cards are 4 x 6 =^_^=

Comments on: "flower doodle 8.4" (7)

  1. Nice final result

  2. This came out beautifully. 😍

    • thank you.. are you being hit by that storm that is heading up towards Montreal from the Carolinas? Seems it is hitting everywhere in and around its path.. curious do you bike in the rain?

    • I asked about the rain, because as avid a photographer you are … wondered if you braved the rain to get pictures.. yes. we getting the rain here too

      • I cycle in the rain if I get caught out in it or if I’m cycle touring and have no choice. Photography is different because I have to protect the camera from getting too wet. I’ve skipped shoots rather than go out in the rain.

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