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With us all slowing down and having to regroup, revisit our daily activities, one of the past “loves” has come back into my life. Music. There was a time when I listened to music from morning till bedtime. Over the years it has fallen into a “when time permits” place.

Now I have discovered YouTube music where anything and everything I have ever listened to or liked pops up for me to review and listen to without commercials. That with my Sirius Xm in the car.. makes for a whole new “ball game”. Yes I can have the Xm in the house on my devices here. but somehow I have just never had the time or inclination to figure it out.

My walk along the boardwalk the other day, enabled me to rekindle my love of “new discoveries” being in the outdoors, reveling in the sights and sounds of a new “discovery”. Life is Good.

Discover the joy of transforming yourself. When you realize how much you have changed for the better, it fills you with true happiness. Strive each day to improve yourself.

Perfect Liberty 2020.14


https://youtu.be/_NU6CnvuY1M easy listening =^_^=

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  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    My dad always had a radio going when he was working around the house. I still like to have music going in the background. Our county library would have an annual “book” sale, and sell their out of circulation CDs. $5 for a shopping bag of music! Such a variety of music. Some better than others, but interesting anyway.

    I have avoided XS, Spotify, Amazon, etc. They want to nudge you along a path. “You liked that song? Here’s a bunch more in that style/genre”.

    • I did notice this with YouTube premium, it has that possibility, but I have avoided it, atho’ when drifting off to sleep, it has been nice to hear similar song, some new and some not so new…

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