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s n o w morning!

Jingle jarring morning greeting – talk about a surprise when I let the dogs out for their early morning outing. I actually did a double take. It really was white snow, my first for this season.
Reminder to self.. patio chairs, table and umbrella need to be taken down later. Need to do a list of things that I need to do today. Is this how your day starts, being a morning person, for me it is the “busy” time of day.

I know not everyone marches to the same “drum”… for many friends, it is mid day before they want their “inner secretary/organizer” to kick in.

Put your whole heart into everything and express your individuality. When you put your whole heart into expressing yourself, your true beauty will shine through.

Perfect Liberty 2020.19

It is only natural that you are different from others Each of us has our own way of thinking and our own individual lifestyle. That’s what makes life interesting.

Perfect Liberty 2020.20

Shine bright everyone – Today is a new beginning!


Comments on: "s n o w morning!" (10)

  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    You should be more careful about using those 4 letter words in mixed company.

  2. We’re getting our first little taste of snow this morning, too. ❄️

    • I actually don’t mind, it was just the nudge I needed to start actively planning the putting away of patio “stuff” winterizing etc… sigh.. now on my own.. I realize, if I don’t do it. no one else will. LOL I’m at that stage in life.. so my hair gets wet.. who cares.

    • that is good thinking… the messy weather is coming… when we are prepared, it is so much more enjoyable. I know the season is coning.. I’m wanting comfort food

  3. There is always so much to do before winter really gets here.

  4. Wow, it is too early. However it is good reminder to be ready!

    • darn tooting, I have a magnolia out back that is refusing to shed its leaves.. sigh.. so while I’ve been raking and picking up from the maple and other trees, I have to wait for the magnolia and one other one to drop.. before i can say I’m ready for the snow season.

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