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today 22nd.

a taste of lace

The forecast said, snow this afternoon, and snow it did. I got out for one more wander ..

the peat moss is covered with all the fallen “leaves”

I could feel the stillness in the air. there was a thin layer of ice on most of the water.

There was a delicious sense of anticipation, it was cold, but not an angry cold, my fingers sought warmth in my pockets, I enjoyed the fresh air, and the brisk stirring of the teasing breeze as it tousled my hair.

From no snow to inches deep on the deck around the supper hour. Already I have been out twice to clear the deck and patio area where the dogs can run. Yes.. I will delight in snuggling down under the covers tonight.

You will find joy when you immerse yourself in your task. When you face your tasks with a can do attitude, you will be filled with enthusiasm and inspiration.

Perfect Liberty 2020.22


Comments on: "today 22nd." (11)

  1. A lovely thing to do in anticipation of pending snow with beautiful photos of your meander. It’s nice to be safe and snug inside during a snowstorm. Stay cozy!

  2. such awesome photos!

  3. I like the “lace” picture – I suspect if you “taste” it for real you will have funny dreams :))

  4. The lichens like you, I see. Stay snug and enjoy the snowy beauty.

  5. Yes! A fresh, brisk breeze to tousle your hair while wearing thermal underwear…

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